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Hi Puys
I am starting this thread to help prospective students learn more about Melbourne Business School.
I will be joining MBS in Jan 2012.
Will try to answer questions myself as well as get answers from students at MBS.
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I am an R2 applicant. Any idea when the result is coming out?
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  • rishukvt no idea even I have applied for Round 2 and all I have is an email from MBS saying - your application is under review by selection committee.Even I am anticipating some outcome by 30th April'2013..dont know whether that would be a final offer of admission without interview OR waitlisted without interview OR reject....!
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    @pglguyacnt Mostly general Questions -1) Tell us about yourself2.) Why MBA3.) Extra Curricular activities4.) Post-MBA Plans
    Result is out - I have been waitlisted :(
    @pardhu1987 I too have applied to MBS, though am waiting to hear from them. How did the interview go? Request you to share the experience.
    I had my telephonic interview yesterday. Went alright. They said I can expect the result by this weekend...
    Hi, I am going to ask a question of a type that may have been asked numerous times, but anxiety led me to post this question to current students of MBS. I have 7 Years of Work Experience (IT), currently employed with Royal Bank of Scotland in Techno-management profile. Class 10th - 80.8 % ...
    Dare I say that both AGSM and MBS are quite similar? I suppose I'm required to take the side of MBS, given that it is an MBS thread, but I can tell you this - Last year, I was in the same position as you are. And today, I dont repent my decision.Sure, we have a few rockstar professors and I'm con...
    Got an admit for the Aug, 2013 batch.... contemplating on whether to join or not to ..... ?
    Hi I too am planning to answer GMAT in June this year and apply to both AGSM/MBS for the jan 2014 batch.I am working in an IT company for the past 20 months. Still confused about AGSM/MBS. Would be glad if someone could tell me the pros and cons of these 2 universities. Thanks :)
    Hi Guys,
    I am planning to write GMAT in Sep/Oct this year for Aug 14 admissions. I am working with IBM for the past 29 months as an IT Analyst. My profile-X- 80.5%XII- 65.8%Graduation 7.02/10
    Please suggest if I am aiming at the right admission time i.e Aug 14 or will it be too late to appl...
    Hmm..Good question. I think you probably know that we haven't had a single batch graduating under the new course. So it is safe to say that the market has not yet directly experienced the benefits of the revamped system (only a few months more..:)). But I can see that a lot of thought and researc...
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    @pardhu1987 I received an invite on Dec 20th... I guess that they have started sending out calls.... u shud be getting urs soon... all d best
    @PokerKings when were you informed about the interview...I have had absolutely no communication from MBS guys till date except tht Jan'13 admissions were going on and Aug'13 intake should wait their turn...
    @delatpg Yes, I had my interview on 21st Jan....awaiting the result... it was telephonic and lasted 25 minutes
    @CheckEETS : I appreciate you took out the time from your busy schedule to post on PG.It would be great if you could share your views about the impact shortened course length of 1 year, have on MBS esp. on job prospects in Aus.....
    Hi guys,
    One month into the new year already! I have joined the Jan 13 batch of MBS and am attending classes along with 48 other fantastic people. I'm still adjusting to the hectic workload and trying to scrape every minute I can get (most of it is my fault..it's been a long time since I sat...
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    CheckEETS Hi Rishu,..I checked this thread just now. Did you hear b.... 22 Apr '13.
    CheckEETS Hi Praneethi...MBS does not have a 'placement' policy. Ho.... 23 Apr '13.
    @delatpg No news from MBS yet on I/Vs......
    @PokerKings @pardhu1987 : Are you guys done with i/v ?
    Hey Puys...I am planning to apply for MBS MBA....Have a few qns..it will be helpful if you can answer these..1. When does the admission start for Aug 2013 intake?2. What is the average Work Experience at MBS?3. I am planning to move from IT to strategy consulting. Is this possible with 1 yr MBA...
    Any pointers on the job scenario in Australia
    Guys, can someone please share the telephonic interview experience? I have got an invite for the august intake. Thanks in advance.