MBA Abroad - The ever so confusing journey of making the right choice GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi All,

First time applicant for pursuing MBA abroad.
Graduation - BE Computer Science
Work ex - 3 yrs
GMAT - 600
Extra curricular - Pretty Decent

I am thinking of applying to colleges in Germany (MBS), Singapore ( SMU,ESSEC) and Australia ( Melbourne Business School and Australian School of Business)

Though after reading a few threads about Melbourne school and the work situation in Australia I am really demotivated to apply there. Dont have much clue about the work situation at the other places that I am applyin.

Mainly my aim would be to get a job wherever I am pursuing my MBA, basically to pay off the enormous loan i will need to take to pay the fees at these universities.

In my experience of searching for the perfect university i have realized that each day you get a different perspective and finally you are back to where you started from. So People in similar dilemna , or who would like to help me out in this ever so confusing situation, please share your views.

Hoping for this to be an active discussion as I am pretty sure alot of you out there would be in the same dilemna ( probably a better profile , I am sure :banghead: .. hehe )
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