Manchester MBA Fall 2012 Applicants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi All,
I searched throughout PG and couldn't find a single thread for Manchester MBA Fall 2012 applicants. Hence, initiating the same.
My Profile -
Gmat - 660 (V 33, Q 48, AWA 6.0)
Graduation - B.Tech - Computer Science / 71%
Exp. - 5yrs (2yrs in IT - 3yrs in Marke...
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@WouldBeCrazy Unlikely. The data on MBS that I provided earlier was handed over to me by the MBS Admissions Director Dr. Heather Spiro, with whom I had my interview.
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    Anyone got similar figures for Cranfield and Warwick
    @Batiatus: I'm guessing you want to pursue a role in the Banking and financial services domain, so kudos on making the right decision.
    On the other hand, I'm quite shocked that the school released such detailed statistics. Well done to them. Maybe I can help break down the stats a bit furthe...
    Best of luck my friend.
    You too wish us some luck
    @WouldBeCrazy Wait and watch
    So mate, are you joining any school this year or decided to wait and watch? Please share your views.
    Thanks Batiatus for sharing this . This is really informative!!!
    From what I understand - you have opted OUT of MBS - right?
    Thank you so much for this detailed but "to the point" information. I must say this is probably the most meaningful details on placement I saw. Thank you so much.
    I believe the situation is more or less the same in all schools in UK.
    2012 performed extremely well as there was HSMP.
    @catiim Here are a few stats:
    For MBS Class of 2012Average EEA Salary: GBP57,612Average Non-EEA Salary: GBP43,470 (Not PPP adjusted)90% employed 3 months after graduation
    2012 Indian students' specific stats:23 out of 12819 got jobs - 15 in UK, 2 in India, 1 in Singapore, 1 in Tokyo; 7 in I...
    I don't know what inside the link you provided.
    But, both way is possible, it all depends on your luck or coincidence or hard work or whatever else you want to term it. Ofcourse there are success stories and there are huge question marks. I know two very close cases, one my cousin and anoth...
    Well, I'll say one example...In my bank, a guy has recently resigned. He was Computer Engineer from IIT plus IIM Bangalore.........Worked at same place where I worked. I have even had an opportunity to supervise an M Tech from IIT. It took me one year to convince him to go beyond.....
    On the o...
    Please SPEAK to FEW real students in current batch. Also talk to students in similar schools. Also try to find your own contact rather than tota (parrots) of the schools.
    Honestly speaking, I myself is quite shaky after hearing many students. It is quite surprising for me to find s...
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    @catiim Will post it in a day or two. The source is the Admissions Director Dr. Heather Spiro, who handed me over a brochure and a pamphlet that had info specific to placements for Indian students once my interview with her got over.
    @batiatus Can you quote the source of information for salary of Indian Students? Misfortunately, I don't have any other admission so I am in a fix.....
    Tier 1, Tier 2 are very subjective. Even the ranking are very subjective. What most important is mutual FIT.
    MBS is definite an excellent school and I personally rank MBS just after LBS, in the same league of OxBridge, Cranfield and Warwick.
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    @catiim Hey...in my view, MBS is Tier-2, though ranked 29 in latest FT Rankings. I applied in the hope of a decent scholarship. Besides, the job market and visa norms in the UK are a big challenge. If you look at the salary figures too i.e. of Indian candidates only, they aren't impressive at al...
    @DIGNIFIEDLIFE yeah sure... I have sent you a PM
    @catiim Hi Catiim
    Even I have received a call from MBS.
    Would you like to connect offline? Drop me a personal message. Lets chat.