London Business School Admit GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi All,
I am a LBS admit. Couldn't find a thread for the fall 2009 admissions so starting one here. I would be happy to take up any questions you might have regarding the MBA programme and the application.
Best Regards,
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    LBS admit. Have decline admission offer. Best of luck everyone!
    djsunny Why is that?. 13 Apr.
    I have joined IT firm in Dec 2010. So is it right time to go for GMAT this year or next year as I am targetting LBS as my fav choice of college. I have good Acad Records.
    Hello ...LBS_Admit ....I know you must be congratulated from all around many times by many......which you truly deserve...but here is one more applaud to add to your achievement .......
    Well iam a young aspiring CA student ...I have just cleared my CA-IPCC (inter) and now doing articleship fro...
    is there any chance of getting into LBS directly after BTech ?
    or any good buisness schools in further..
    if we can.. can anybody help me with their names please
    Hi lbs_admit,
    I need your help in evaluating my profile. I would appreciate it if you could point out the weaknesses you see.
    I am planning to apply to some top schools like LBS, Kelloggs etc. I need help to understand how my profile stands up against my peer competetion. Could you please e...
    To Sudhir18n
    Great profile dude! Couldn't resist commenting!
    Could anyone offer insights on my profile
    GMAT - 690 (Verbal 40, Quant 44) , AWA - 5
    B.Eng (Honors) in Computing from Staffordshire University - CGPA - 3.2/4
    CFA Level 1 Passed in June 2008 - Appearing for Level 2 in June 2009
    Work Experience
    1) Worked on complete CRM imp...
    Hey hi!
    Firstly, congratulations on ur achievement!
    I know this may sound really stupid but wud I stand a chance with lbs if i apply next yr....2010?.....considering my WE?...
    Degree: 1st class from University of Manchester
    GMAT : 750
    Extra curricular: Loads!...lots of part time ex...
    Hello All,
    I see very few LBS admits compared to other UK business schools such as Judge, Said, Cranfield, Manchester etc. on this forum.
    I guess LBS has increased its level in terms of admisson criteria. All your comments/views are welcome as this will help the further round applicants to ...
    Hi lbs_admit,
    I am planning to apply in lbs ...But I will b able to apply in the third round for fall 2009..
    My GMAT score is 690--q-50,v-32....GPA--7.27/10...
    WE 3 years in automobile co..then started my own construction firm for 5 years...
    average extra curricular but good community...
    Its strange! No activity in the forum for the entire week! Have ppl not applied to LBS this year?
    That's strange but actually quiet possible. In US the number of applicants increase during recession but in India its the opposite! Will it mean less competition for Indian students this year or it means lesser representation from India to these schools
    Hey folks,
    I am an R2 application to LBS too, but I'm starting to have second thoughts, especially because of the finances and the probable difficulty of getting the summer internships that pay well.
    BTW, how many here have an R1 admit into LBS?
    My profile: Gmat 760/5 years work ex/soft...
    Hi Guys
    I m planning to apply to Judge and LBS in R3
    29/M/Indian/710/3.3 cgpa/8 years overall Manufacturing WE/4 years intl leadership and General Mgmt WE
    Very strong community work/very diverse extra-curriculars & accomplishments
    Do I stand a reasonable chance or I shouldnt bother &...
    I am not an applicant to LBS but for Us schools and I have a feeling its true for almost all the TOP schools.. like LBS, HBS, wharton and stanford. I dont see any action especially on the US top 5 schools .. So i guess there has to be some reason.. either cost factor, people dont wanna leave jobs...
    Hey guys
    Is it true that this year LBS has recieved considerably less applications from Asia (esp India) because of the cost factor? I have already applied for R2. My profile
    GMAT 690
    Work exp - 7 years, currently in a senior leadership role in MNC KPO
    Acads - ok, MBA 2002 from top 10...
    Hi Guys,
    Lets do a sampling of admits and applicants.
    Round 1:
    Admits: lbs_admit
    Applicants: Shrayg11
    Shrayg11: 760,5.5/4Years/Maths PhD/India,Germany,USA.
    Please add on to the list, so we can assess the pool of indian applicants this year.
    Can someone advise how many club involvement is realistic for the LBS-Essay4. I have got something like 6 clubs of interest...would appreciate any successful applicants sharing some thoughts here..
    thanks a ton!
    Hi Amol,Lbs essentially isn't a gmat centric school and hence even though it is one of the best schools in the world the median is only 690. Considering you have 8 yrs of work ex your under grad score will not be a true representative of your academic potential and hence your gmat becomes a littl...
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