London Business School - 2010 MIF Applicants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi all,
I did not find a forum for LBS MIF applicants :-( and so starting this Thread.
R1 deadline is few days away and I am sure there would be some of us applying for the Program.
I am certainly gonna apply In R1...working on my applications.
Hope to hear from other janta [smi...
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to check if any of you got in LBS MiF Program. I am planning to apply for August 2012.

Will appreciate a reply. Can share more of my details later.

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Anyone for MiF 2011 entry?
hello guyzzzz
Hi Priya,
I am in a similar situation as you are. I have an MBA from India and five years experience post that.. I have got an interview invite from LBS MiF and a final acceptance at Stern
would want to know where you are in the process
Hi Friends,
I am also considering applying for MIF. Below is my profile, Please tell me if I stand a chance for an interview
GMAT-700 (Q-42,V-44. AWA-5.5)
Work-Ex-10+ Years
2 years in ICICI Bank in Branch Banking
8+ years in State Bank of India in diverse areas such as Corporate Cr...
The invite can come as soon as a week after you submit the application.
Hey guys - so the next round interview decision will be on the mentioned date only is it ?
Or can the invite/reject come anytime before the deadline also ?
Guess ...She is Busy preparing for the Interview
Good question
hi Priya, have u received any response from lbs?
Just to clarify... is a Ding a reject or a waitlist?
Masters in Finance at London Business School
1 1
please pardon my ignorance...what is this MIF program all about??
1. Is it a flagship program of LBS
2. Is it a 1 year program
3. What is the total cost involved(including living expense)
My profile:
680/IT/10 yr work exp
I got a Ding too
Looks like a really good profile..
Well i have a good brand company, but workex is in tech - 3 yrs and 700 gmat.. good acads... so a lil doubtful too.. thanks anyway... good luck!
GMAT : 740 ( Q :51, V:40)
B.Tech IIT Delhi , 2004 passout
Average GPA.
Work ex 5 .5 years ( 2 years in Software , 2 year in Manual Trading and 1.5 Years in Algorithmic Trading in a startup hedge fund in India)......
I had earlier sent my resume for review and was encouraged to apply.<...
Oh im sorry about that ! but can u please tell us ur profile ?
Just to judge what they are expecting!!
I got a Ding ..............
Is it advisable to submit application using consultants like Chopra or Edwise international??
Do they play any role in making the application better and if yes then in what capacity.
Anyone having any idea which one is better out of Chopra and Edwise international?
Any News yet??