LBS vs Insead (some $) vs SDA Bocconi (full ride) GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Advice urgently required.
I am in a BIG dilemma as to which school to choose from.
the money does tip the balance.
- Great Brand
- Strong in Finance
- Good recognition in Europe and Asia, somewhat in US
- Some money
- Great brand
- 1 year
- Good recogni...
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Am no expert when it comes to finance or studying the effects of recession on the students graduating such times. ...hell....am no expert on anything..

However, I'd still like to stick my neck out and express my opinion...for whatever its worth (in my opinion...doesn't count for much): this article by BusinessWeek does present some very convincing arguments. I have read in various newspapers and business magazines that this is the worst recession since the 1930's. However, I do not agree with the prediction that students who graduate during a recession will have to bear the ill effects of it for the remainder of their careers. We all believe in a fair system where talent and merit are rewarded in the long term and that such cycles may make the path to one's goal more arduous and realisation of such goals may take more time than anticipated initially. I guess that those who do not believe in meritocracy won't be planning to go to business school. To assume that one who graduates during a recession is bound to lose millions of dollars in renumeration does not seem fair to those who employ such graduates either.

my 2 cents.... (or perhaps even less).... those who choose to disagree with what I have written above...please let me know what you think...hope this forum can become a place for constructive argument.....

btw...I plan to start business school in the fall of 2010... this is only my second post on pagalguy... so will introduce myself:

26 yr old male.
Working at Infosys Technologies Limited since Oct 2005. Worked for 2.5 years as a Network Engineer. Moved to a Pre-Sales Technical Consultant's role in Sep 2008.
Electrical Engineering from UP Technical University (67% aggregate, 2001-05, no-name college)
GMAT: 760 (99 %tile) (Q:49 (89%tile), VA:44 (97%tile)), AWA:5.0
ECs: Proficient squash player. Part of the Infosys Pune Squash team. Participated in a few tournaments for corporates and won on a couple of occasions. Quizzing: used to be an ace quizzer in school. Won a few accolades in school and still dabbling in it (although not as much as I want to). Won the ESPN Star Sports Quiz in the year 2000 (it was not televised during those days....else I could have been on TV too :D). Chosen areas of interest in quizzing: Sports, Business.

Keep rocking and God bless!!
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    Sure! In the interim, moolah raking is taking the flavor of working at a certain bank holding company, uploading software that has the the potential to manipulate commodity and stock markets to a foreign server, and then signing a job offer for 3x your previous base salary.
    Downside is said ...
    Coolmayank: I did realise it was a general reference, but thought it was a good opportunity for me as well, to show off my not-so-recent knowledge about the moolah raking industry.
    Btw, the 'moolah raking' status may have to take a break for a few years. But I'm sure the PE industry will bounc...
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    Apax was just a general reference ...showing off my recently gained knowledge about a moolah raking industry called Private Equity.
    And I am sure Carlyle has a lottsa PE veterans joining H/S waiting outside offices.
    Nd I am definitely nt interested in Nariman Point atleast for the next few...
    Coolmayank: Apax partners were not recruiting for their European offices. In fact, when they came over to meet the class, they specifically asked us not to bother applying. However, they were looking for people with transaction experience for their India office. So if you are keen on coming back,...
    I sounded low....gosh! Thanks for the reminder coolmayank! And thanks for the well-wishes....
    I am just being cynical about the current green shoots sprouting....
    I see the economy contracting, albeit at a slower pace, probably til the end of this year or 1Q10. Th...
    Hey cheer up...I dont expect an LBS admit to sound low.
    Things will rock and roll mate!! all the best.
    Apax Partners is waiting for you...besties in life and beyond.
    Wrt Europe INSEAD is only Global/Pan European top school for consulting .. LBS also is good bet although LBS is traditionally good for Finance placements considering London.. But neverthelese.. all top consulting firms come for UK recruitment... Other schools are more or less regional schools.. ...
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    Continuing on the topic of trying to land up with an opportunity in consulting, which are the better business schools in Europe or Asia for consulting ? INSEAD is one which comes to my mind. I have experience in business development and planning in the IT sector (five years) and a decent GMAT sco...
    I agree with Nothing1954. Find the best fit and the best programme for yourself.
    At the end of the day, it's all about you and how you fit in.
    1 year or 2 years will depend on yourself and how much you can learn.
    Some can learn better in 1 year, others in 2 years. Ultimately it's how you...
    A one year MBA is adequate in terms of providing the basic grounding and general mangement input needed to do a consulting job.
    Beyond that, it is matter of your being able to persuade the consulting companies that you bring value and your experience is of value to them.
    Obviously people wi...
    Hi..I was reading through all the posts..amazing to get through LBS..INSEAD...congrats mbagogogo...
    i know it might be a little off topic on this thread to post my q but if anybody here (as I see there are lot of helpful and brilliant minds here)may answer it will be great...how is 1 yr mba he...
    hi mbagogogo,
    congratulations and all the best! I feel that you have made the best choice( u have rest of ur life to earn back the money )
    Thank you.
    I wsh you all the best.
    Hi Nothing,
    I made my decision based largely on personal choices as each school does have its own merits and advantages.
    My partner prefers to be in London hence I have decided on London Business School as my choice even though financially it is the toughest. Will have to take on a signific...
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    Finally what is your choice among the 3 schools?
    And what is your reasoning!
    if you can elaborate, it may be of help to other PGs in resolving their own dilemmas regarding which admit to accept!
    Decisions were made to apply to these schools based on my personal experience and also through my contact with their alumnus.
    Ultimately I applied to schools that valued and have a high level of international diversity within its intake.
    I will like to continue working internationally and I...
    Nobody leaves an LBS or an Insead for a Bocconi... whatever the costs..
    Right on, and as Mayank has so signigicantly stated , you should also consider the "drooling factor" All the best x
    Ultimately all risks and returns are entirely your own.
    I wish you Best of Luck, what ever decision you take.