Krannert Fall 2012 MBA Applicants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I havent seen any thread related to Krannert MBA admissions for fall 2012, Purdue University.
So I start the new thread for the same.
I am a prospective applicant and have submitted the application for Nov 1st deadline. I am awaiting results.
Please let me know if there is anybody...
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I believe they would contact us sometime in June. I doubt the list of companies that come to campus would be made available in advance. I assume that the list varies significantly year after year. My suggestion would be to make a list of your own companies that you want to get into. Don't rely on...
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I am not going the sell the car. I might need it for other errands too. But I would be glad if anyone is ready to share expenses
GCS will reach to us probably in the next 2 weeks with the standard resume template they want us to follow. The Krannert Launch is on Aug 6th. So, those first 2 weeks are for the orientation and team building activities. They didn't tell us about the companies visiting the fair. So, gue...
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Thanks Bharath!!
Can you let me know when GCS will contact us with the resume format and when we'll get to know about the companies that'll be coming to the fair.
Will all of this info be provided after we reach d campus or prior to that ?
As I said earlier, staying off-campus is pretty much cheaper and commuting from there in car is a very good idea. You have a challenge here. I got to know from the current students that the parking passes near Rawl's hall and in the garage opposite to Union have been sold out for the next ...
I'm sure there will be a lot of people interested in sharing accommodation. I know for sure i am interested in sharing accommodation. You are right that offcampus is cheaper, but its also less convenient. Students stay in Rawls until 1 or 2 at night. If you're staying within a 5 minute walking di...
Hi Ankur,
The career fair is in September. Since the time is really short, it is better to prepare a one page resume right away. There is a format and you will be contacted by GCS. The whole plan is to be prepared well before the career fair. Decide on the companies that you want to get into, ...
My friend who passed last year said that offcampus is cheaper . Staying offcampus and commuting is preferable. I have a car . Any one interested in pooling.. avg expenses per month = 150$
Hi Satish,
Could you shed some light on the below mentioned points :
1) Resume : Is this the requirement of a specific department and what exactly will be done with it at the start of the classes. Is there a specific format they have suggested ?
2) Portfolio : Do you refer to photographs...
I am sure, because i am a part of it
Not Sure. I'm not a part of it yet. So, haven't paid attention.
Not an official page.
Offcampus is pretty much cheaper than oncampus obviously. There are couple of things you need to consider before making a decision.
1. Oncampus costs are $300-500 per person excluding electricity bills, at a walkable distance to Rawl's hall where our classes will be held. They lease sin...
Hey, when did you received official admission letter from the Dean of the Graduate School ?
krannert's curriculum is better .... the job market is smaller...also NUS faces high competition from Insead , SPJain , Nanyang
krannert's curriculum is better .... the job market is smaller...also NUS faces high competition from Insead , SPJain , Nanyang
Puys ..
23rd is around the corner ..Hope a lot of you have accepted the invite..at least I have...
I have few questions now ...
1. Where are guys planning to stay at Krannert..incampus or offcampus ?
2. The puys who got GA - can some one tell me how much of financial proof I need ...
Hey Guys,
Just back from the Krannert weekend. As Satish put it, its an incredible experience. I dont think i can capture the entire set of events in one post because we did so many things during the 2 days we were there.
I think Krannert should start an official facebook page for the 2014 ...
Krannert Weekend:
Day 1 : 13th April, 2012.
My visit started with a class visit. I attended Manufacturing Strategy by Tom Brush, where they continued the discussion on a case from last class and then started the discussion on a new topic. This is an elective in the 4th Module it seems.
Hi All,
Attended Krannert Weekend on 13th and 14th April. An awesome experience. One should really attend it. The visibility of Krannert is very very less to what it appears now and to what the programmes are offering. So, we can expect a steep increase in the rankings in the next couple of y...