Krannert Fall 2012 MBA Applicants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I havent seen any thread related to Krannert MBA admissions for fall 2012, Purdue University.
So I start the new thread for the same.
I am a prospective applicant and have submitted the application for Nov 1st deadline. I am awaiting results.
Please let me know if there is anybody...
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Dear All,
is anyone interviewed by Krannert yet? If so. kindly let me know the questions asked. I have interview scheduled for 19th Dec
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    @abrahamzach & @karthigeyank & @rahulg83 i've created a new thread :http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/gmat-accepting-bschools/krannert-2013-fall-applicants-t-90378/p-3615870 . .. plz share ur queries / views / profiles there , so that we could help each other .. .
    @karthigeyank Hey, I have 5.5 yrs of exp with Wipro and Infy in Quality Assurance in BFSI vertical.
    GMAT 710, TOEFL 106, acads above avg, and decent ECs.
    What do you think of my IV call chances from Purdue? :)
    And what's your profile buddy?
    Yes there is no 2013 forum.. :( @abrahamzach rahulg83 Share your profiles..
    Hi all, I want to know about MS in SCM offered by Krannert. How is Krannert's SCM programme ? Is there any opportunity to get schols / RA during fall semester of MS in SCM ? Apart from this . I also want to knwo that what is the average monthly cost of living at Purdue ? Thanks in Advance .. ...
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    @karthigeyank @rahulg83 Good to know you both have applied and are waiting for interview related mails. Same here.:). Seems like there is no separate forum for 2013 class admissions.
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    @abrahamzach I've applied..waiting for IV call. Let's hope it comes soon..
    @@abrahamzach I've applied for R1. Waiting for interview related mails.
    Anyone planning to apply for Krannet MBA Fall 2013?
    You would need to take an interview after you submit your application. There is no rule as such, but you can expect an interview invite in 2 weeks and a final decision in another week. The application load should be less now and they would also be aware that you have less time to file ...
    Hi Guys,
    I am glad to find your great forum. I am applying late to Krannert and have just completed my documentation and they should start now reviewing my file. I wanted to know how much time should I expect before every phase?
    Meaning, if I am to be selected and accepted, how long would...
    Yes, I'm also waitlisted.
    nopes.. you are also waitlisted ???
    Did any of the waitlisted candidates receive an update on his/her application? Any idea when such candidates will receive an update?
    The MSF program at Krannert is very good and surprisingly they do not expect you to know the basics in finance before you join the program. A regular 2 year MBA gives you the opportunity to explore other areas that you might have an interest in, but that is not the case with MSF.
    Dear all I was reading that thread and it was really helpful. Can u ppl guide me on the MSF program at Krannert. I got to speak to a cople of MBA and one MSF student at Krannert and they said that MSF is like accelerated MBA finance. The curriculum is good, the faculty and the facilities seem fin...
    I was planning on doing that, but then i was told that there will be an official Facebook page for class of 2014 from the Krannert admission team.
    Hey Bharat
    Why dont you invite people whom you might have met during the Krannert weekend to the FB page.
    Hi Guys,
    So did the new admits accept the offer from Krannert yet?
    Satish -
    you are right . Parking is big issue.
    Parking - Krannert School of Management