Katz School of Business V/s Smeal college of Business GMAT Accepting B-Schools

hi guys,
I've been admitted to Katz(University of Pittsburgh) & Smeal(PennState) and am having trouble deciding between the two. I'd appreciate any comments you might have [smiley]
University of Pittsburgh-Katz:
+ Great relationship with Deloitte(it recruits internationals ever...
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:) congrats for smeal bro.

the key difference is however not the location, but the quality of education that Smeal delivers viz a viz Katz and hence the difference in brand value.

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    Hey there,
    Well I appreciate your stance mate. Thanks a ton for bringing out the key differences. I have made a choice : Its Smeal
    thanks again for the response.
    Hi Varun,
    I believe its too late to reply to this thread, I have been following your posts.
    IMHO go for Smeal, one of my college senior is in CMU, and no point for guessing his response for Katz. So Katz V/s Smeal is smeal all the way, as i see it. Your only concerns might be 1) Location 2)...
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    Hey there,
    no buddy
    I'm comparing full-time MBA programs only.
    University of Pittsburgh (Katz) - Best Business Schools - Graduate Schools - Education - US News and World Report
    Pennsylvania State University--University Park (Smeal) - Best Business Schools - Gradu...
    You are comparing GLOBAL MBA with EMBA.
    KATZ(GMBA) with Smeal(EMBA).
    Depends on what kind of goal and leverages you have.
    In my view GMBA is always better than EMBA.
    Rest you need to take a call..
    As per the latest US News rankings. Smeal is at 48 while Katz is at 79.
    Would request you all to comment please..
    Hey Dude,
    For more reasons go through these links:
    Business school rankings and MBA rankings from the Financial Times
    Business school rankings and MBA rankings from the Financial Times
    You can see certain parameters suiting your aspiration.
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    Yo Bro rich
    hey there,
    Would request you to elaborate on ur reasons please
    I would rate Smeal better than Katz, but as you mentioned Katz has other advantages..
    True Srikanth,
    I'm not to positive either..have already paid my deposit in katz and now deciding on Smeal. Krannert's a laid back school, but even if you get an admit, the GAs and tuition waivers is ought to substantially reduce your tuition. So the HOPE refuses to die out. Practically Kranner...
    Lemme tell u varun.. Krannert will not tell untill May end as per the adcom I spoke with and even if it does then by that time you would have paid the deposit at either of the schools. If waitlisted I am not sure how much schol you would get, but anyways if you are ready to forfeit the deposit pa...
    No dude,
    Still thinking where to go...
    btw..even I got a WL from Krannert.Any chances of us converting it
    Hey Varun,
    Krannert placed me on W/L so I am off to Illinois. So you are decided on Smeal ?
    hey srikanth,
    how u doing mate >
    thanks on the opinion mate !! so how is illinios turning out ?
    Al d best man !
    My 2 cents I would go for Smeal. Its got good placements better than Katz and GA stuff is grt. Consulting also it has good scope as per the prev forum for smeal 2008 i guess.