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Dear puys,
A while ago I started an initiative called 'ISBConnect' to help all you prospect students with two issues:
1. Clear any queries and doubts that you may have with regards to applying to the Indian School of Business
I had created a common word document to help answer individual...
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Hey guys i am planning to go for ISB with 7 years of entrepreneurial experience....i am worried about reference/background check on one of my ex co-founder with whom I dont have a great relationship now....i dont want to get selected at isb spend 25 lacs and 1 year and then get placed with a great job but rejected/expelled later fom the company when they conduct the regular background checks...any consolations on this matter, what is the usual process which HR follows for isb campus placed graduates??.
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    It is not mandatory that you should be working at the time of applying. The only condition is that at the time of applying you must have at least 2 years of full time work experience to be offered a seat in the batch.
    There would be no negative impact.
    RoshanISB Class of...
    I have 7+ years of IT experience and good academics and extra curricullum activities, both at school/college as well as in my firm. But I am on maternity leave since August 2012 and thinking about not joining back. I was just wondering if this would have a negative impact on my profile....
    @atouchofcrypticthunder Thanks. Yes, I am talking about MBA admissions, I have little knowledge, as of now, about the colleges and profiles of people who get in, I was just trying to see how do I fare if I were to apply to a good b-school, what would be a realistic aim given this profile etc.
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    @abhishek4563 First off - I am presuming you are talking about landing yourself into an MBA program. With a few lines on your achievements it is much too hard to determine where you will actually land up...If you understand the MBA admissions process better you would know that one's profile is on...
    Here is my profile, please let me know what kind of colleges I can target with this.
    Job : Senior Associate in Technology Deptt (IT) of one the worlds leading Investment Banks
    about 2.5 years
    GMAT : 760 Quant 50 Verbal 44 AWA 5.5
    Graduation: IIT Bombay Electrical Engg...
    @mrsherlock1 The basic requirement of the incoming class is that you have between 10 to 25 years of managerial experience. Given your total work experience amounts to just 11.5 years you in all probability face an uphill task in making the cut at this point in time. Please have a look at the clas...
    @ShilpaGopalka Have you considered more relevant programs for Product Management like the ones offered by Institute of Product Leadership and Adaptive Marketing. Here is one that i am investigating myself http://adaptivemarketing.in/icpmprogram
    I am interested in applying to the PGPMAX programme at ISB. I may not have the profile of a typical applicant and so have a lot of questions about my chances of getting in and opportunities after completing PGPMAX as they don't offer career services for PGPMAX. Here are the basics:
    - A total o...
    Hi All,
    Need your inputs on the suitability of my profile for ISB. Is the experience too much? Are there people of similar profile in the current batch.
    Profile in Brief - Will have 8 years 7 Months of IT(Infosys) experience by Feb 2013.Close to 30 years old. Currently playing the role of T...
    this is good !!!
    I have created the following thread to track all international Bschool deadlines and essays. While it may not directly apply to ISB it will help those of you apply to schools abroad.
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    Since this is the first time it is happening I would say, track the answer to this question.
    The Ad com usually posts once a week on that thread.
    Well, video essays at NYU and UCLA were optional(UCLA dropped it last year from its host of essays) and were not time bound,as far as my research goes.Even Tuck had given an option of video this year for its consortium program.I feel its a great step by ISB to include it in the app as actions cer...
    Hi atouchofcrypticthunder.
    I have 2 years experience in oil and gas sector. It will be very helpful if you connect me with an alum working in energy sector
    I believe Stern has had a video essay in their application for sometime.
    NYU Stern Full-time MBA Essays
    Here are some tips reading material that I liked after some Google searching
    MBA Video Applications
    Essay Snark: Stern "personal expression" essay
    My thoughts?
    ISB is among...
    As far as I know, recommendations can only be reused if you apply for the next session after your first application. So basically if you had already applied for co2013 then your recos can be reused otherwise you'll have to come up with fresh recos.
    Contact admissions team at ISB, they'll be ab...
    It is mentioned in the application itself that reccos can be reused
    While I was never a re-applicant, I believe there is no way of re-using recommendations or for that matter any aspect from your previous years application. You would need to start from scratch.