ISB 2012 class aspirants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Only a few days left ISB (2011 class) so thought all those preparing for the next year should get together to start our race to make it next year.
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Work Exp - 3.5 yrs IT. A problem here is I don't have a exp certificate for about 10 months of exp as I left Infy and broke the 1 ...
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Puys, we have made a good progress on the profile sheet in last couple of days. I would request all(including silent readers) to please update your profile in the sheet.
Also, a humble request-Please do not do any operations (sort etc) on the original data. You might accidently destroy the for...
Paras, in addition to what reconandi mentioned, and considering your status of "last attempt" , i would suggest you first get in a positive fram of mind. The way you mention you profile, feels as if you are downplaying (using phrase such as "even won an award") your achievements. The work-ex is...
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Hi guys,
I am in a big dilemma so xpecting your valuable inputs,if you can help me in arriving at a decision.
Actualy earlier my plan was to take the GMAT exam just after finishing college (so that i can utilize waiting time of TCS joining date as i ws campus placed ), and i prepared for tw...
Vjitende, the interviews tend to be friendly and peaceful by and large but you can definitely expect some surprise questions apart from some guesstimates (esp. for consulting folks). Unless one messes up the interview, one stands a strong chance. They start with the hypothesis that you are eligib...
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Thanks Varun
Tks Varun!!!
if i am not wrong it was 285 in R1 and 275 in R2.
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Any idea about the no. of students admitted last year for R1 and R2.
No idea about Answer to Q1
For Q2, straight No.
The allocation is 50:50 in both rounds with + or - 5%.
Hello guys,
I have 2 questions:
Question 1
Nov 30 2010 - ISB Round 2 Deadline
Feb 15 2011 - Admission Notification
March 1 2011 - Pay approx 5000 USD
April 1 2011 - College Starts
When does one have to pay rest of the fees? At start of college at April 1? Does any one know t...
This number crunching will yeild no results friends.
We dont know how many ppl Adcom will call for interview and lets not speculate things.
People having Delhi as interview location can start preparing for interviews while the rest of the folks can take some time off and then start the same
anyone from chandigarh region,who has applied in R1.
May be we can come together to have few mocks....PM me
Hey...thats neat....would love to....let me know when and where...or IM me and we can talk over the phone. Im actually from Chennai but i work in Gurgaon now.
maybe it takes into account when you actually intended to submit before ur technical glitch
Hi Arun
Just saw your update on google spread sheet. Came to know that you are from Gurgaon only. I am also from Gurgaon.
I am looking for few more people from Gurgaon so that we can have few mocks among ourselves. I know one or two personally from Gurgaon.
Does that mean application number was not according to time of submission.confusing, leave it. I am happy after 2 months I am finally having spare time.
i applied at 11:57 according to the bank gateway
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I didn't mean to be rude , i am just saying this is my speculation i may or may not be right. my application number is lower than yours , wot time did u submit ur application?
Diya....i think he was asking me...jeez...the nerves in this forum are just as bad as they were last year. My application number is 1350