ISB 2008 - Interviews and Admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi all,
Round 1 of the admit process for ISB starts on 2nd July.
I am starting this thread for interested applicants to discuss the various aspects of admission process and to help out each other.
To start with, my profile -
GMAT - 670 (4.5 in AWA)
Work Ex- 4 yrs
Extra Circullar...
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You've got a fair GMAT score, considering the avg of 730. I would have said "Good", but then you've passed out just a couple of years ago.
This is what I am not sure of - you are at the borderline in terms of experience. If it is 2 yrs right now, then it'll be about 2.5 yrs when you join. Not ...
Hi All,
I just wanted to know what my chances with ISB were. My profile is
GMAT : 720 (Q 50, V 3 AWA 5.0
Work Ex : 2 yrs in an IT Major
DGPA : 8.0
My college was affiliated to WBUT and was not a branded college.
HSC : 69.7%
SSC : 77%
Extra Currics : Average.
Could some...
can somebody answer me please?
my 2nd recommender(a traditional finicky lot) wants to know this as he insists that if it is a verification through e-mail or some web based stuffs then he would rather prefer not to be a part. Can u tell me if the ISB atleast does it telephonically if not person...
I would just like to answer the question in a different manner by saying that
My whole stregth lies in making the idea and hence the patent and I should be looking at selling that only. With some experiences connect the same to the patent benefits
Isn't that fine
Please ignore....
guys i just wanted to know what kind of verification is done(by B-schools like ISB ) for the work experience....as in is it telephonic or is it personal visit by some guys they employed for this purpose.
HI All,
I will have 5 years of work ex with a Finance -BPO this Nov'08.I am assistant manager and a graduate (B.sc lifescience) Academics not so good infact very avrage,Profile - nothing much. what can i do get upto the mark of making my profile worthwhile and how much the minimum score requir...
One of the ways is to issue license to commercial aircraft manufacturing cos to use the patent n earn out of it
Setting up a manufacturing plant will need lot of investment and it ll take a hell a lot of time to get it done and start making money
moreover if you are a person who doesnt know...
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which is the best strategy that works for ISB admissions?
I got rejected in the ISB interview because I could not answer well the case study question. following was the question:
you are aware about the unmanned vehicles being used in army for fighter plans etc. I have the patent for this technology. Now, I want to use my plan in commercial a...
Hi All,
The applications for ISB PGP 2009-2010 have begun...
ISB - Online Application Portal
All the best to everyone !!!
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That helps buddy !! I was looking for an element of personalization. It seems there is. Understandably, there may be lot of applicants who may get the similar response but then many may have faltered on the same crucial thing.
The firrst sentence I believe is common for all reject applicants. Since, I also got the same feedback. However, this also goes further to say that each application is being compared to the applicant pool present during that tiime and the situation may vary with each year.
The second sentence ...
Hi All,
I recieved my feedback today. For info, I was rejected after my interview and here is what they have said
"You have done well overall, but lost out due to the extreme intensity of competition within the applicant pool. You could look at improving your communication and interview sk...
GMAT score is a part and parcel of your application.. An overall score and sectional score is not seen individually.. Its seen in totality.. And ur sectional scores add up to ur total score.. There cant be a case where u have low sectional score but high total or vice versa..
Sameer Agarwal
Hi asp2008,
I can imagine ur frustration on not getting a timely feedback from ISB.. Please try and understand that ISB reaceives more than 3500 applications every year and only 444 got selected. Providing feedback to the rejected candidates takes sometime as there are lot of request pouring i...
Hi All -
I am looking to apply for ISB next year, I request you all to have a look on my profile and do let me know your thoughts and areas of improvement
10th - 72 % UP Board
12th - 73 % UP Board
B.Tech (Chemical Engg) - 69%
10 + Years in IT industry s...
Re: ISB 2008 - Interviews and Admits
Originally Posted by chet321
Same here bro, this is extremely disappointing on the part of ISB, I first wrote to them last year and was told that feedback will be provided in April.
Then I wrote to them again in April and was told that fee...
Hey all,
I asked for the feedback in first week of May. I got the feedback in 5 days time. So, I suppose that sorting out the applications to give right feedback is taking some time.
Same here bro, this is extremely disappointing on the part of ISB, I first wrote to them last year and was told that feedback will be provided in April.
Then I wrote to them again in April and was told that feedback will be provided in first week of May. When I wrote to them in May, they said...