ISB 2008 - Interviews and Admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi all,
Round 1 of the admit process for ISB starts on 2nd July.
I am starting this thread for interested applicants to discuss the various aspects of admission process and to help out each other.
To start with, my profile -
GMAT - 670 (4.5 in AWA)
Work Ex- 4 yrs
Extra Circullar...
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Hello Guys,

Please help me in my concerns,,,,

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    Hi I am new to this forum..I am focussing to give gmat in december this year,,,I have few concerns ..your valuable inputs can help me to clear them... 1) how much part does the reference plays in ur admission at ISB? 2) how many references are required...references from the current employer is re...
    Hi every one I am a ISB aspirant.. but have a doubt regarding admission procedure.
    I dont have much gud academics but have a decent experience of 4.8 years and rite now working in a reputed company ..
    Can any one suggest me tht if academic record is not still is it possible to get into ISB?
    I see.. is there a thread where this was discussed? I have enrolled for their services..
    Self Promotion may be
    Right. What I wanted to know is that why is app help banned from PG?
    it is banned word
    Why is app help asterisked?
    I was looking for the fate of this dude. "anupam jain" aka "ajnsit". he scored a scored a 780. Anyone knows which college did he actually join.
    Looks like he is in hibernation.
    What is the time line to prepare for GMAT , i ahev already applied for CAT 08
    ISb next year would be a better option i think
    which App help service are you taking. Iam interested too.
    This thread was for last year's process.
    Check out the current year's thread - all the action is there.
    I suggest you to use ******* Service. My exprience and score are similar to yours but for cracking the B-school process you need more than just a score. What you need is a story. I am a reject from ISB R2 last year and I used professional help this time from ******* for my essays. I fo...
    Have the interview invites started coming in?
    Hi All,
    I am planning to apply for round 2 of ISB . I am not great at writing and need professional help.
    my profile
    IT , 5 yrs , 2 yr international , 1 patent.
    Decent extra currics. GMAT 710
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    Can someone guide me ? I need to start application...
    Hi vsbadri,
    I had mailed the ISB adcom team on the same day i posted my previous message. And this time i got a reply and feedback within 1 working day..
    Neways, Thanks dude.
    chet321, Sunil prabhu and Sandeep, and sachin_h
    send me ur full name, application id, company you worked for when u applied and year u applied. I will get the feedback for you, if you are interested. And ya PM the details.
    P.S: I will take 1-3 working days to reply to ur PM
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    Hi chet321, Sunil prabhu and Sandeep,
    Did u guys get feedback from ISB ? I had mailed them last in June, but no reply since then.
    Can somebody please check my profile and tell my chances of getting call from ISB / Pgpx iima?
    WE : 12 + years / non IT / PSU
    Acad : B.tech / good college / c.g.p.a 8.02/10
    Gmat : 670 / awa 5.5
    Achivements/awards : very normal
    I think i have done fairly good job in essays.
    Thanks for the response, I guess all I should do is apply and take it as it comes