ISB 2008-2009 Selected for Interview GMAT Accepting B-Schools

First of all CONGRATULATION to people who have been selected for interview in R1. [smiley] Lets rock the next round too..... This thread is to discuss the interview preparation strategy for ISB R1 selection process. Please post your ideas on what you think ISB would be looking at in the intervie...
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    I had my interview on the 2nd of Feb in Hyderabad.
    The interview started 15minutes before time. The panel consisted of 3, one looked like a current student and remaining two were from Adcom.
    They were looking at my essays and resume all the while. -
    1. Explain what do you do - told the...
    Its the essays u write while filling up the INDIVIDUAL application forms for the respective B schools.. No one will ask u a word about ur GMAT essays..
    is this the the essay that we write in the GMAT exam or is it there a separate essay we have to write at the time of application to ISB?
    Guys any idea when results will be out?
    The waiting period is killing me and more so after the FT rankings
    Called up the ISB office yesterday and they confirmed that results will be out on or before 15th Feb positively.
    Best of luck to all candidates.
    Just finished interviewing. Interview was on campus. Was kind of a historic moment today with ISB making it to the 20th rank on the FT rankings.
    There was a huge party and I was invited too. After the dean's address I was summoned for my interview. (after writing that 100 word thingy)
    Quoting from the webstie.
    "1) Can I pay the tuition fees in instalments?
    Tuition fees can be paid in two instalments; however, the ISB allows a discount on fees paid one time in full. "
    You can find this information in FAQ section.
    I had my interview on 28th december, and the wait for the result is killing..
    hi guys ..congratulations to al the ISB call getters.
    I had a question regarding fee payments to ISB.
    Do you have to pay the tution fee at one go or in installments?
    this is very important for my financial planning...plz reply asap...
    hi people,
    i had my interview on 24th january at hyderabad.
    the word was FISSION. 100 words on it.
    there was a bit of confusion as to which panel should interview me. there were 2 panels. the interviewers in one panel knew the candidate they have to interview very well so they had to swa...
    my profile- 740/4.0, 5+ yrs of exp in IT services, good acads and extracurriculars.
    i had my telephonic interview yesterday.
    interviewers- luwalin d'souza (i guess i got the spelling correct), sandeep khurrana (alumni)
    i was asked to talk on the word 'finicky'. i asked for its me...
    Hi Ppl/..
    It time for me to put my adventure as well..
    My profile :- 760, Chem Engg, Decent EC, 3 yrs work ex.
    Had my telephonic interview..
    Called up on time..
    Got Mr.Dsouza, Mr Madhavan, and some guy called Jospeh..
    so it started with speaking on the "liablity" for a minute.....
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    A short interview does not essentially mean a reject. Sometimes though the interviewer looks bored, he might actually be making a lot of mental notes. Dont lose heart. ATB.
    Hi guys....
    I had my int'l intvw today....
    i hink i dint go the way i wud have wanted...was very short 20mins, and the guy seemed uninterested...i cud hear only one guy ....joseph, no one else talked.
    there was no cross questioning ...some of the ques asked were...
    1. word: Passion......
    Whoa! You and your husband are both applying to the ISB? Thats interesting. ATB to both of you guys.
    Here are the questions they asked my husband
    1. Asked to speak on the word " Recreation"
    2. You have been an achiver throughout why do you want to do MBA now. A lot more questions on that.
    3. If you are doing so well in your job then why an MBA?
    4. Case study - estimate that market si...
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    Hi Guys,
    I had my telephonic interview from the bay area yesterday. They gave me the same word "Ridiculous" and asked me to speak on it.
    The rest of the questions were as follows:
    1. You have portrayed yourself as a risk taker , what risks have you taken?
    2. Do you always take risks ?...
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    Hi all,
    had my isb interveiw at mumbai .
    the interveiw panel consisted of amitesh sanjay and anuradha.
    well, first i waited outside an empty interveiw room for say 10 minutes...
    was wondering did they forget that there was one more candidate---was a bundle of nerves at that time .
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    I remember someone answering this question somewhere. R2 results were out a week earlier last year. R1 results were out 3 days earlier this year..