International educational options beyond the MBA GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello PGs,
Having been a PG for the last 2+ years, and having observed posts and threads across the International Section of the forums, I find that many are relatively less aware of some of the other interesting educational avenues available to people (depending of course on ones and career ...
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Thankyou for all that supercool information! Well, and I have a few questions,
I have completed my B.Sc. in biotech and bioinformatics(first class; '09) and would like to proceed my studies in business.
1.would it be an MSM or MBA that you'd recommend for me?
2. Is it the MSM from a re...
Am Working in TCS for 2 Yrs and am really feeling desperate to have a career change. I have written CAT and XAT with a little prep which i dont think will have a good result. Am not deciding Mba as career but trying other options as well. I have identified that i am interested in
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Thanks man.. i thought they were questions.. i 'l think abt it and get back to u..
Those were suggestions, expressed as questions to open avenues of thought for you. You haven't started on your job yet and seem to have achieved very little (normal at your age), how will you lose 2 years of anything?
Suggestion - note these questions down, take a long ride on...
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And i have some Ad-concepts.. i dono how to move with those concepts.. May be I am a typical guy to handle..
I donno dude.. Everything went wrong in those exams.. Not IT.. Planning to do MBA.. if i prepare for cat2010 then i will lose 2years.. I am not asking you to plan a future for me.. Just any suggestions.. Its also linked with my financial position.. thats y couldn't write GRE or any other..
Why couldn't you do well in those exams? Why only IT, why not something else? How can any one else suggest future plans for you? What prevents you from diligently preparing for these tests and appearing for them again?
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Do it if you're passionate about Economics, NOT because of brownie points on your CV. As advised to the other automobile industry guy (poster = kevink), be patient - learn the industry, learn your job, acquire transferable skills, be clear in your mind about your long term career, then seek the e...
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Hi guys..
My problem is as usual for u i guess.. But its weird for me to handle..
I have Completed B.Tech in Computer stream.. Got placed In IT company..Didnt yet get my Doj..
I have written Cat,xat,snap.. but couldn't do well in those exams..
My academics are good enough..
What do you want to do after an MBA / Other Masters? In other words, what are your long term career goals (function, industry / company and geography)? Would you like to continue in O&G; / Petrochem / Energy etc.. or do something else, somewhere else for some other company / industry? Tell me thi...
Thanks for the feedback, but I didn't really get the "politically correct" part. Care to clarify? Cheerz & Thanks.
I'll start by being critical (bear with me). The tone you take towards your current project is rather disrespectful. Isn't this the career "you" chose? It was 2008 when you graduated, and the Indian economy had progressed well enough to present career opportunities in a lot of fields besides just...
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It's Baccardisprite (one word).
An unfortunate situation. Advice to all reading - NEVER take a sabbatical or study-leave in your early 20's. This is the time when the body is fit and the mind intellectually most willing, therefore work and study should be undertaken (as far as possible) simul...
Happy New Year to you as well.
Profile is unusual, but not wierd at all. In fact, I wish more people would choose to go into industry before they think IT, Software etc...
From what little I see, you're fortunate to be in a product management, planning and development role at a very early...
Hi ,
Can you guide me on the MBA FRONT.
My profile is:
1) 10th : 76
2) 12th : 68
3) Bachelor engineering. : 70
4) Work Ex: 2 years in Reliance Industries Ltd ( Petrochemical Refining) as an engineer in Manufacturing.
5) Average Extra Curricular Activities/ No National/St...
Thanks for this post...even though very politically correct. Pls mention all such programs you come across. So many people do a MBA cos they don't know what to do.
Desperately looking for advise on this ! ( will appreciate inputs from anyone who has enough experience )
Hi Bacardi ,
I just spent last 4 hours going through all the pages of this thread and i was astonished to see that you had replied to almost all the queries presented. That is a really...
Hi baccardisprite, this is avishek. I just want your opinion about my career. My profile is
workexp-2.5 yrs in an indian IT major
I took study leave and prepared for MBA this year. I appeared for CAT and some other exams. In spite of being calle...
Hi baccardisprite..
My profile is kinda against the trend.
10th - 84%
12th - 81% (91% in PCM)
BE (Computers) - 68% (Distinction)
After doing my engineering in computer i joined Bajaj Auto Ltd. (Weird as i switched from computer to a manufacturing industry). I am working in the pro...
You're treating an education as an escape from your current job! Poor attitude; and a wrong, short-termist (and eventually damaging) approach to your career. Since I don't recommend or encourage such an approach, I won't answer the questions above.
Instead, please think clearly about the belo...