International educational options beyond the MBA GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello PGs,
Having been a PG for the last 2+ years, and having observed posts and threads across the International Section of the forums, I find that many are relatively less aware of some of the other interesting educational avenues available to people (depending of course on ones and career ...
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Don't mean to sound harsh (I myself am applying to Fin & Econ, Fin & Pvt Equity at LSE), but LSE is commonly referred to as a Master's supermarket. The degrees are all very expensive considering the fact that they don't provide career services (which is not that big an issue because they hav...
Btech mech : Thapar university 7.7 CGPA
Work-ex: 3 years (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited)
Have been handling Operations & internal audits. I m looking for a role in Operations/supply chain management
Please guide me whether I should look for MS/MSc for seeking desire...
1.) AFAIK the reputed FE programs which aren't a part of a b-school are good on their own and you may never need the career services of a b-school. For better jobs prospects target FE programs at financial hubs (NY, London, Hong Kong) or premier schools. Courant @ New York would be more preferabl...
well i hope to god ur rite:)(abt the dubai/singapore bit i mean)...i dont really mind the job hunt and stuff but its kinda hard to do LSE when i know that I could probly sleep at IMT for 1.5 yrs and still get atleast a >7 lac placement whereas at LSE wit a job hunt+part time work+studying my ass...
hi all..
i am hearing that getting a job in europe is comparitively more difficult than say in Us after a masters in mnagement degree.. is that so.. and wat about the visa ? how long are u allowed to stay back and search for a job..
Thanks for your reply
Due to circumstances it would be ideal for me to do some sort of degree in europe or even america. I don't want to do an mba in any of these places because the good ones require work experience and right now i only have 3 months of work ex. I want to supplement my undergr...
From what I head, some Indian LSE grads do end up in Dubai/Singapore, you have to start networking and job hunting before your course even begins (as it is a 1 year course), I guess you are best off contacting some Indian Alums, as work visa policies are very different for EU nationals
wel u see..dats wat! i dont! and after da work visa cancellation...arggh! i dont mind workin outside da uk..but profiles and money..they are imp factors..any idea how to go abt doing dat research?
@Surabhi - I was interested in LSE Acct & Fin too. Do you have any idea about employment prospects of grads from that course?
hi baccardisprite!!!
amazing work..
i am in a dilema.. i have finished my engineering in electrical and now working in L & t in manufacturing sector. almost 1 year expeience.. ..
i am inerested in doing masters in management wit finanace as my specialization. i am starting my applicatio...
I'm also from kolkata.
I'll be joining NITIE this June. :)
Would love to go for PhD from abroad after that. lets see what happens ...
ur from cal too? where r u headed?
I feel if you go LSE, it will open up a lot of options for you.
1. LSE will give you a true global exposure and an awesome learning experience. :thumbsup:
2. Such a course will make sure that afterwards you get to work on directly finance related projects in your workplace, be it in India o...
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hi baccardisprite!!!
awsum work going on here:)
well im in a bit of a fix...and its quite queer actually...
hafta choose bw LSE(acctg &fin;) and imt-g...
assuming that i want to get into consulting...
wat shud i go for? graduated in 2010 and hav been workin in family biz since the...
Tks very much for post:
I like it and hope that you continue posting.
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Thanks BaccardiSprite,
But can you be a little more specific and advice me on which to choose btw MIS (management information systems), Carnegie Mellon and MBA, NUS only considering career prospects, money, stability and job satisfaction for short term, medium term and the long term ?
Thanks for the positive feedback, always happy to help alongside several others on this forum.
L&D; = Learning & Development? Career goal appears fair, and no I don't believe you're so far off the standard MBA candidate. In fact you might be able to differentiate yourself. As to placement, yo...
Given your career goals, one of your US Top 20 admits might work better, particularly if it's affiliated to a university that houses a top engineering school as well. Engineering school would mean the business school likely offers a top notch technology & tech management curriculum, either as ele...
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Baccardi, this is an invaluable thread...thanks for sharing the knowledge.
Would appreciate it if you could throw some advice my way as well. I have 4.6 years of experience in the outsourcing industry. I work in the L&D; field and am a CELTA certified trainer. My career aims atm are to gain gl...