Instituto de Empresa - IE Business School GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hey All,
Just wanted all you PagalGuys to buzz me if you wished to talk about applying to IE Business School - Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. We're a top 10 globally ranked school and we're all real proud.
A bit about myself, I'm Canadian, and with solid work experience in India, APAC, E...
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@agoyal That's a very frank insight into the real world perspective of IE. What are your thoughts on the brand value of IE outside of Spain/EU. Would it be tough for International (read: Indian) students to find jobs in English speaking countries like US/UK?

Also can you provide some insight on the Blended/Blended Squared programs? They don't seem like full time programs, but the '+Tourism Management' option sounds pretty exciting. Would you be able to shed some light on Global vs. International MBA?

Would it be possible to pick up course of Spanish along with the MBA course work? And would that help with the job prospects?

In pursuit of the YumBeeYay dream ... Year 8 :-D
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    @agoyal Sir can you throw some light on Oxford Said Business school
    Hi Vikas,
    Unfortunately I cannot provide you an accurate feedback on that as I haven't gone through that process yet. But from what I have perceived till now, it is not worse than being from any other top B-school outside India. Indian recruiters are not much aware of other non-Indian B-school...
    Hello agoyal,
    Can you provide your opinion on the recognition of IE Business School among Indian recruiters , from your experience so far @ IE ?
    Hello MBA aspirants,
    I am presently studying at IE and have an advice for you all : Don't come to IE unless you are confident of finding a job on your own. IE is a good school for acads, infrastructure, networking and everything else but not for its Career Management center. I went on an excha...
    Yes , it does!
    I would suggest you to call at +22 32544552
    Hope it helps.
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    Thanks a lot Haywire ! Is this the Mail ID that you're referring to :india@ie.edu ???
    Thanks for your replies!!!!
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    Ask them to check their spam folders or something, call the Mumbai office tomorrow. Hope they would help.
    Hi Haywire87,
    The Recommendation Tab went Green and i clicked the button to send across the Email to Recommenders. I also clicked on the Remind links also , but both the Recommenders did not receive the mail yet
    But how did you manage to submit the application without the recommendation tab going green?
    You could go to the recommendation tab on your application and select to send a reminder.I sent most of my queries to the India office and got a reply within 2 days at max. You could call the India office and let them know your problem as well.In terms of going forward, my experience has been ver...
    Hi ,
    I applied to IE about a week back. Though i had provided the details of my Recommenders in the IE Application form , but none of them have yet received an Email yet. So , i wrote to IE a couple of times over the last 1 week , but haven't heard back from them.
    IS IE Admission Team laid...
    HiI just received the admit and the admission contract. Could anyone here help me in the next steps? Scholarship, funding et all?
    Sorry Steve, unfortunately, you will not get much detailed information here. For some unknown reason, people here loves to aggregate and present a superficial picture. I believe those people are recruiter of the school in disguise or admission consultants.
    Use google search and u...
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    I am Yash Shah from Mumbai, India and have got admit for Nov'13. As is the case with others, i too am concerned about the post MBA job prospects in Spain/European region. Also how is everybody financing the IMBA course? Whats is the loan terms and conditions there?If any IE Alumni or curre...
    Hi guys,
    I am from Canada and have been admitted to two of the best MBA programs in Canada but I am also very interested in IE and one other school in Europe. My background is in IT consulting and I have a pretty decent work experience under my belt but I want to switch my career to Finance. I...
    Hi Melvin,
    Same here, I was interviewed on Jun12. I have just received the enrolment contract and have to take call by Jul30. Let me know how are you looking at financing. I heard he deadline is jul15 for applying for loans. I applied to Insead and HEC apart from IE.
    What are your options...
    Congratulations on the admit. No LI group for the Apr' 13 intake that i am aware of. Look forward to create one later this month. Too early now.
    Have just received the enrollment contract and will now zero in on potential financing options.
    What about other admits?
    Have sent you an email with an attachment.