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Hi PGs
Recently we have received lots of queries regarding our HKUST (The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) MBA Program that has scaled new heights with each passing year. To answer them we current students of this program have started this thread to help prospective applicants b...
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I think scholarships are only given in R1 and R2. Not for R3. Check the website for details.
For international candidates R3 is a challenge due to visa processing deadlines.
Is it still safe to apply in round 3??
Will the scholarship options( both merit and need based) be available for the admits from round 3??
I look forward to the reply?
Hey Vikram / HKUSTMBA2012,
I just joined in PG today esp. to learn more about the efficacy of HKUST MBA program. You really seem to provide vaulable info on HKUST program....are you an alumni of the same?
Reg. TOEFL, there seems to be slight confusion on my end. On the HKUST website, they d...
Thanks, bkkkrzy
I was also thinking of getting a letter from my undergrad university. I think I should do that ASAP.
I would say you get in touch with adcom and understand what to do in this case.
I dont think a notarized copy of TOEFL score can work as notary copies are only acceptable for transcripts or certificates.
The other option would be to get a letter from your undergrad university stat...
I have been given a conditional offer and the admit will be confirmed when I submit the following:
1. Official TOEFL score/ an official document stating that English was the mode of instruction during my undergraduation
2. Transcripts
I have a query regarding the first one. My TOEF...
Thanks again!
From the previous posts, it seems that the GMAT score requirements from the so called IT pool is on the higher side compared to those from other sectors.
Yes it has - met quite a few admits with scores at the 650 mark.
HKUST's average experience is 5 years with several candidates having more. Did not met anyone with 3 years or less.
I have a masters education too, but I am not very sure on the weightage given to graduate degrees during app...
Has HKUST accepted anyone with GMAT score in the range 640-650?
I know it varies and depends on profile. But my question was for experience range 4-5 years.
Also, would my masters education be given weightage during application review?
Your GMAT score can be an issue. Most indian admits here have 690+...plus applying in R3 means the competition will be quite intense. I would say re-take your gmat to get at least around 700 and apply in the next year. The rest of your profile is strong but a higher GMAT score would help you more...
I am new to this thread. Am planning to apply for 3rd round but would request advice from current students.
A brief on my profile:
GMAT : 640
Education : Computer Sc. Engineering (63.28%), MBA - Power Mgmt (68.71%)
Exp.: around 56 months, currently with one of the Big 4,
Hi there I got the admit and have submitted scanned copies of required documents ad com team has asked for however I have not recvd any reply last 3 days. I am confused is this the usual way, that adcom takes a lot of time to reply and they don't even acknowledge receipt of my mail.
I had my interview on 1st Feb and I am a R1 applicant. Interviewers told me to expect a decision in 4 weeks however wanted to check from other people who got an admit usually how long does it take to get a decision.
Hi Dugo,
to answer your questions
1. Initially you may face difficulties if you do not know Mandarin and Cantonese.
There maybe a lot of openings which start with Chinese speaking requirements. But however the non language requirements for jobs and internships open up after a while and ...
Hi Vikram
Thanks for writing back. I have already written twice to connect me to a student/alumni to Ad com but i believe it is against HKUST policy.
Here are some questions:
1. Not kowing Mandarin or Cantonese, is that a drawback in an applicant's profile to apply to HKUST or while seek...
Hi Dugo25,
There is no direct link with contact details of students or alumni in the HKUST website. If you need anything specific from the students, then thats the reason we have hosted this thread. You can get to know it from us. If you need to talk to alumni working in a specific industry or...
Any one else in the forum has any contacts of students/alumni with whom I can speak to.
It will greatly helpful
I was wondering if there is any link (on HKUST website) where I find the directory of students/alumni to connect to for more information about HKUST MBA.
It is my foolishness if I have not found yet, but I really could not.
Please help
thats greayt
Congrats on getting the interview invite and ATB for the final result. From what I know, if adcom have some reservation about your employability post MBA then they might schedule an interview with the placement office. If you have not been asked to do so yet, then I will say u shud be good there....