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Hi PGs
Recently we have received lots of queries regarding our HKUST (The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) MBA Program that has scaled new heights with each passing year. To answer them we current students of this program have started this thread to help prospective applicants b...
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Plz guide me on my chances of getting in HKUST. Profile is as follows:
Work ex - 6.5 years (5.5 years post MBA)
Education - Commerce Graduate, MBA, PGDM&SM;, FIII
GMAT - 660
Kindly guide.
Thanks & Regards,
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    I just a mail from them. Rejected w/o interview. I expected that since they had not reverted till 11 May. Anyway I had already sent my confirmation to CEIBS... So Good luck to HKUST admits...
    Any updates from HKUST. I believe today was the deadline for interview invites.
    Hi...has anybody received call for an interview for R3 i.e. 11th May...i hv one convert from IIM Shillong. But I would prefer HKUST definitely
    I guess you're right. Maybe I could request CEIBS to delay my Conformation date... Lets see..
    simply calling up a school to ask about admissions status, especially when the school states that it does not entertain such calls/emails is not a good idea.
    I have been in such a situation before with HKUST and with UCLA and this is simply a matter of patience and timing. Wait to h...
    Hi Priyank,
    If you have already communicated with HKUST on your current scenario, they would have taken note of your status. At this stage, I think the only option is to wait and see if you are invited for interview by HKUST.
    In the meantime, you can talk to cuhk and ceibs and ask them to d...
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    Ya man, / (HKUSTMBA2012)
    I have the same dilemma. I've received admission from CEIBS but without scholarship though, but my application is still under review. And the deadline to confirm to CEIBS is May 15. Should I call up HKUST and find out?
    hey bkkkrzy,
    Thanks for the information in the tread. I have applied to HKUST in R3 . I have requested on my status to the adcom , it has been answered as "under- review ".
    My profile is as follows :
    GMAT - 660
    Education - B.COM , M.COM - Merits
    Work Experience - 3 years part-tim...
    Hey bkkkrzy,
    Thanks for the valuable insights in the thread. I have applied to HKUST MBA in R3 . Haven't recieved an interview call as yet . Awaiting it since the last 1 month 15 days. I got admits from CEIBS and CUHK with a scholarship .
    I am in a dilemma as both has requested to pay up t...
    You will have received an admit email from HKUST. In that admit email there is a link to go to the HKUST admitted students portal where the FB group link is. Also the FB group will be mentioned in the email and one of the HKUST adcom will add you to that group. I did not see any additions to the ...
    Now how do I find the FB group? And yes, glad to know about the substantive foreign population :). Still a bit insecure about jobs but its mainly about the quality of life and education I was thinking about. Btw will want to catch hold of the veggie guy...having nightmares of having we...
    Congrats on the admit. Are you on the facebook group of the 2012 admitted students portal. If you have been added, you can surf there and get a good idea about the questions you have posted here.
    As for Q1 - 90% of the admits are international students. There are quite a few chinese students ...
    I know this is a public forum and you guys are representing the university so it has to be all formally correct. However, I recently got my admit from HKUST and I have loads of questions.
    1. I have heard that most of the students there are Chinese nationals and its very hard to fit mai...
    Hi Ankit (HKUSTMBA2012),
    I submitted my application on 15 Marh 2012... R3's last date. by when should i expect to hear from the committee... Whether I get an interview call or I don't... Plus what are the chances of getting a call in R3?
    Dinged after interview in Round 2
    interview call can come anywhere between 1 week to 2 months after application submission deadline.
    essays matter a lot - put a lot of thought into your essays. HKUST essays are tough to write due to the extremely tight word limit.
    Try to get some exposure on China if Asia Pac is where you...
    Hi guys,
    Can you please answer a few questions / clarifications:
    1. I am planning to apply for 2013 intake. I guess the application process will start in Oct'12, I am planning to put my application in Oct'12 itself. Can you please tell me how long does it generally take to get an interview ...
    Great info guys... I have a couple of questions regarding part time MBA from HKUST, appreciate your help here.
    1. How different is placement after part time MBA from HKUST compared to full time? Is it good enough to consider?
    2. Are part time applicants expected to have as strong profiles a...
    Dear Chintan,
    TOEFL should not be required for you. We have another Indian admit who studied in India and was not required to provide TOEFL/IE.