IIMB EPGP III Aspirants, Class of 2012 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello Friends,
We are current students of IIMB - EPGP (Class of 2011) and would be happy to take any questions related to academics and student life at IIMB.
Good luck with your admission process.
IIMB EPGP Students
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This info helps. Can you please let me also know whether there is much difference between avg gmat of batch and avg gmat of IT guys in batch. I know that avg for IT is high in other institutes. Is that the same case for EPGP too.
I checked with the office today.
Here are the *tentative* dates for the admission process:
07 July - Opening of Online Application
30 Sep - Application Deadline
2nd & 3rd week of Nov - Interviews
Around 1st-2nd week of Dec - Sending out o...
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Hey Saurabh,
Will let you know the contact. First lets wait for the experience requirements to come out.
Dear EPGPians,
Thanx for the quick response. :clap:
1. Could you plz confirm me..regarding the 7Yrs work-ex thing..as most of the other IIMs (A,C,L) ask for min 5yrs exp. :wow:
2. The average Salary offered by the Healthcare/Pharma employers and the General average figure?
3. I would...
when would be announcement of application date and cycle ?
Dear Saurabh,
Glad to know that you are interested in exec MBA and are looking at IIMB. Based on last year's information, I can say that IIMB had mandated a 7 year work experience requirement. I cant officially say as of now whether the requirement still holds.
- Avg GMAT for this batch was...
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Hey..Thanks for taking this great initiative..which would help the aspiring students.
Well..I'm a doc with 4 yrs of Entrepreneurial experience. Got multiple admits from UK & EU b-schools..but looking at the present scenario..I've dropped my Idea & decided to go for an Exec/1Yr MBA from INDIA ...