IIMB EPGP III Aspirants, Class of 2012 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello Friends,
We are current students of IIMB - EPGP (Class of 2011) and would be happy to take any questions related to academics and student life at IIMB.
Good luck with your admission process.
IIMB EPGP Students
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Please post questions related to EPGP at IIMB, Academics and Student life for the EPGP class of 2012-13 at http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/intern...nts-class.html (IIMB EPGP IV Aspirants, Class of 2012-13)

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    i was scratching my head to know which is this new programme AFAIK provided by IIMB. finally i cracked the code - "As Far As I Know"
    There is an upper limit of 15 yrs of work ex for entry into the programme AFAIK.
    GMAT is just one of several factors for the admission selection. Your overall profile matters!
    Hello & thanks for this proactive initiative. I would like to introduce myself as an engineer with a post grad degree in product design from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. I have a total of 9 years of professional experience working as a self employed consultant in new product...
    Thanks for the initiative.
    I am posting my profile below. Please advice on the chances of getting thru:
    X : 82
    XII : 78%
    B.Tech : 69.5%
    Extra Circulars : Head Boy at my school , College Coordinator @ BTech and Placement Coordinator and represented State BasketBall team.
    What about older applicants with 15 + years experience? How many older applicants are there in your class? What challenges do you think they face in the class? How much of a role did GMAT play for these candidates? How do they perform in class?
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    Please post questions related to EPGP at IIMB, Academics and Student life for the EPGP class of 2012-13 at http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/international-indian-mba-schools-accepting/65466-iimb-epgp-iv-aspirants-class.html
    1. I dont think there are any MBAs in the current batch.
    2. If you can justify the need for a second MBA I see no reason why you cant get in. I do know that IIM-A and IIM-C do have people who already have done a 2 yr MBA prior to joining PGPX and PGPEX respectively.
    3. GMAT score average is...
    Hi All
    Would appreciate if a few queries can be addressed which will assist me in identifying my next steps from an MBA Perspective
    Total Work Ex as of March 2011 - 92 months ( inclusive of 19 months in an entreprenuerial venture)
    Education - BE and MBA ( 2004 passout) ( ...
    Hi Guys,
    Please evaluate my chances for course starting next yr 2012 . Please provide realistic chances. Profile :
    Age : 31+
    Exp : 9+ (by April 2012) Overseas: 6 months
    GMAT : 670/5.0(AWA)
    Employers : CapGemini (Current), PwC Kolkata, TCS Kolkata
    Extra curricular : Decent in Sc...
    Hi attitude,
    Well said. Thanks. I have been having a lot of yes..no moments whether to change career post MBA or not. So what did u opt for after slogging 7+ years in IT
    No such thing sam1254, all good schools look for character and presentation mostly.
    Also, u should be well placed to showcase your current experience in a positive way.. Surely you have had management exposure (handling clients is mgmt) even if you may not be a manager by your office.
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    Hi epgp@iimb,
    thanks to present IIM students who are investing their time to help applicants. I appreciate the effort.
    I have few questions regarding career options for an IT guy. I have 8+ years of exp in IT... engineering graduate (BE in electronics). Post MBA iam planning to handle job ...
    Me and My friend Karhik would be replying to all your queries on this thread through username - epgp@iimb
    There are 3-4 major factors one has to work on:
    1. Acads- ur ACADS are average- so ul be better off having a higher GMAT score > 700
    2. Work experience - U ve been working in industry which is not related to ur grad qualification, so need to prepare well on those areas for any MBA college i...
    hI My profile:
    Graduation: 2002- BE( Mining Engg-NIT Surathkal-66%)
    12th: 58%]
    10th: 77%
    work experience- 08yrs ( education industry)
    currently working with Educomp Solutions Ltd (K-12 Business) selling digital content to private schools. managing a team of business developement m...
    Thanks. I would like to know what kind of job profiles exists...to give a name to that designations. these are few which i can think of. Please let me know if some more can be added.
    1. Business Analyst
    2. IT strategy consultant
    3. Program manager.
    in short..iam loo...
    Sam, good you have so much clarity, it would be good if you could start picking up skills in that direction.
    sumit, generally ims/pt are good, no idea abt bangalore in particular.
    you can certainly meet us sometime later, we would be starting our journey soon. But it depends upon you, wheth...
    Great post. Iam looking forward to apply for 2012-2013 class. I have 8+ years of exp in IT. post MBA i would like to go for a functional change than field change. with MBA, would like to extend my IT knowledge towards business. Would like to know what options i have...more on the consultin...