IIM Bangalore - EPGP: Interview Shortlist and beyond GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi Guys,
This new thread is for shortlisted candidates of E-PGP to post their profiles, interview dates, location etc... and also discussion regarding interview preparations.
This thread would then be a source of shortlisted batch profiles which would be helpful for next year's aspirants.<...
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Congrats Puneet
See you all at IIMB very soon
Congrats Puneet.
looking forward to have you in the class.
Hi Jitender
My name is Puneet. I also got a call today (3.30 PM).
So that solves the mystery of the second guy.
They said that they would send the offer by evening. Hav'nt received it yet. Hope they send it by morning.
Brief profile - 630/5.5/14yrs (12yrs - Army, 2.5 yrs - Engg Consu...
he was R-2 candidate, i/v-ed on 5th Jan, IIM-Bangalore:)
IT guy with 720+ GMAT
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Congratulations..........You areR1 Wl or R2 candidate?
Heartiest Congratulations jitendermann!
Please join the group with details mentioned below.
We have a yahoo group of all selected candidates. Name of the group is IIMB_EPGP_2009
To subscribe to this group please send a mail to following id:
Hi Guys,
I got a call from IIMB offering me admission to EPGP.
The lady told me that 2 guys from R2 didnt join, so they are offering me.
They will send me confirmation mail to morning.
I called up their office and conformed.
Obviously I have said yes and I am joining :)
That al...
No mails till now = {MY VIEW} DING.
Why not sent = {MY VIEW} prioritize your tasks and proceed; no good attained by trampling on the foots of already-dejected.
Funda of how does ePGP comm know if all R2 offers would be converts = {MY VIEW} Not all need to join. If they extended overall offe...
Thanks Enigma..but then this is WL of R1,no WL for R2 .......but if that's right, then why no ding mails for R2 rejects till now? Any info on same?
My logic says R1 waitlist considered while declaring final admits of R2, and R2 WL are the ones who should get admit mails........But for that I...
true. but, thats an information - i didn't get a chance to argue with her
Logic somehow fails here--> how will adcom know if everyone of r2 will join?
When I called couple of days back, Ms.X said "we considered wl - candidates while finalizing r2 results. So, if you have not got a mail till now, it is a ding".
I have another update from couple of days (a week or two) back:
If you are in a special hurry (for whatever reason, such as some Visa processing / Leave plans etc) and waitlisted, iim-B would be happy to let you know if you have been dinged!
However, if the decision is till pending you'll b...
Hi WL of R1: Spoke to Ms Komala. The last date for R2 payment was 30/01. So WL applications will be scrutinized again this week and their results will be declared by End of next week. Ding mails will also be sent sometime next week. Hope that helps!
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FMS /MDI accept GMAT??
Sp, mdi, fms...
hmm....i c...i was really not aware of this XLRI thing...as i saw at many places (forums) specifying XLRI not that gud,no placements and all, but recently i got some gud updates on it, including urs :)..after the application last date this year...LOL!
Nextly,I was not doubting nay intention...
Sorry fr the spelling mistakes...
Godis Gr8 says.....and XLRI above IIMs?I'm hearing for 1st time........
r u serious??
even for two years regular one, XL will come above L / I or K. Look at the official rankings, placements. I know atleast two guys in last three years preferrings XL to IIM K / I. My last org,happens to a...
hmmm.......but when i asked,they said no mail= not offered admission.....infact R2 result came on 13th Jan,so if some people don't accept admission (like got selected anywhere else or don't prefer) till 28th Jan,then after that a few WL candidates may get offers followed by ding mails........Jus...