IIM Bangalore - EPGP: Interview Shortlist and beyond GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi Guys,
This new thread is for shortlisted candidates of E-PGP to post their profiles, interview dates, location etc... and also discussion regarding interview preparations.
This thread would then be a source of shortlisted batch profiles which would be helpful for next year's aspirants.<...
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I am new to this form and wanted to know if there are any past EPGP interview discussions? I am shortlisted for IIMB epgp and have an interview in a week. Any information will be helpful. Thanks


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    HI to All ,
    I am planning of going for higher studies in 2010.
    Just need a few mins of urs to have a look on my profile and suggest what are my prospects of getting into one of the top 5-10 colleges having good placements thru' GMAT.
    and when shud i go for GMAT as i want to take admissi...
    Sorry I will post the message in EPGP 2011
    Please post your queries at http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/international-indian-mba-schools-accepting/40993-epgp-aspirants-class-2010-2011-a-6.html#post1618503
    Hi guys,
    I am new to this forum and planning on applying for IIM A and IIM B for 2010. Below is my profile
    US citizen
    12+ Experience in fortune 500 Companies in various roles (mostly on the IT front (Ebay, Fannie Mae, Southwest Airlines, Boeing etc)
    B Tech Chemical Engineering - 75%
    Are the final results out??????????/how will one get to know about them.....m curious to knw it
    Wow!! Congrats Man!!
    I got the "regret letter" today only.It was not in spam folder either
    happy I am finally. Kickstarted my GMAT journey once more
    Good luck to the first batch!!
    Hey guys,
    i just got an admission call and an offer email from EPGP...it's 7th March today and with less than a month left for the course to begin...i had no hopes of making it this year...i had infact started preparing for the next year....but some angel dropped out at the last minute and i ...
    Shivendra, welcome to the class of 2009.
    I have send you a pm. Please call me. I will brief you about the process.
    Hi Shivendra, Congrats...
    hi kapil and friends,
    got an offer call from iimb today evening around 1600 hrs. i requested her to send offer by email. haven't received it yet. probably they will send by tom morning. whats up guys in the group. don't know how much time they will give for submittin commitment fee and other f...
    Here is my profile
    BTech Chemical Engg from IITM, PhD in Chemical Engg;
    5 years in R&D; in US;
    GMAT: 730/4.5
    Extracurriculars: sports awards, environment related stuff, etc.
    You may want to start talking to some of the guys who have been admitted to IIMA and IIMB or folks who are ...
    I'm still in the initial stages as I haven't taken the GMAT yet.
    11.5 yrs of IT experience of which 6 yrs in Engineering Management roles in product companies.
    9.5 years of the above experience outside India. Have been based in Europe during the said years.
    I think Kapil Agarwal is planning on posting the profiles. I am also planning on applying later this year. What is your profile, strongbow?
    I am looking to see what is the general profile of people who have been selected for the EPGP course this year. Is there some spreadsheet etc available which gives an idea of this. Obviously I can't join the yahoogroup since it's for selected people only. I am planning to apply for the ...
    Hi Puneet,
    Your subscription to yahoo group has been approved. You have a lot to catch up.
    Dear A Verma
    I had send the mail yesterday with all the details and also provided the details to Kapil.
    I received a mail today from Sameer confirming whether I had been offered admission to EPGP.
    First of all I am absolutely aware that only the selected guys can opt for this group.
    All this info is available on yahoo group.
    Heartiest Congratulations !
    Please join the group with details mentioned below.
    You will get a lot of info once u r a part of the group.
    We have a yahoo group of all selected candidates. Name of the group is IIMB_EPGP_2009
    To subscribe to this group please send a mail to fo...
    1. Can you send the link for joining the yahoo group.
    2. Is there any tie up between IIMB and any bank to process the loans.
    3. Any details available regarding schools in near vicinity and fee structure of those schools.
    Please also pass on any details you have that will come h...