IE Business School (Spain) 2009 admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi everyone,
I recently got an admit from IE Business School for its November intake of International MBA.
My profile: Engineer, decent acads, strong extra-curricular, 740 GMAT 210 TOEFL, 3 years work-ex in Professional services
Everyonw who is applying for the same or has already got a...
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@anagpal hey can u plz provide me with details whether 3 year indian undergraduate degree is accepted in IE for international MBA????????
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    Kunal/New Delhi
    I am stuck in decision making here. Can anyone help me please?
    About Me: GMAT-700, TOEFL-110, BBA from a good university plus a diploma course (12+4) , excellent co-curricular, GPA:3.5 (Approx), 2 year experience in Media Management (1 in Electronic media -NDTV and 1 yr in p...
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    In the Hindsight, When i look at my post,yes,i do sound vague indeed
    Also, i agree the in the absence of necessary data points, one may have little to work around even if they wanted to.
    I apologise from the bottom of my heart for what i might have i come across.
    Thanks for all the help...
    Re-reading your original query, I would never have guessed that this is what you were asking. Your question was all about coming back to India and paying off your loan. A few people have done that before (somebody i know came back from HEC-Paris) Which means I was completely thrown off by your "c...
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    Neo,Thanks for replying !
    Not Sure if we are on the same page.
    My query has more to do with the Post MBA Scenario in Spain at the moment, "Parents Money" talk is good,let's face it ,we are adults & do understand the Risks.
    I am a Strategy Consultant with over 6 Years Spanning Across Cor...
    Are you looking for an assurance that you will definitely get a job in Spain? Nobody is going to give you that. Doing an International MBA always carries the risk that you may not have a job at the end of it and if you have to come back to India and work for an IT major, then Yes, that is what yo...
    "Thats why one should go there only if he/she is has a clear plan and is confident of landing a job"
    Whoa ! Thanks for that well laid out reply.I guess you are an Alum or an applicant
    Either case , great help.
    Thanks again
    Thats why one should go there only if he/she is has a clear plan and is confident of landing a job
    So my query is very simple :
    You invest 60K Euros,( 48 Lakhs INR approx ) for 1 Year & do not have a job in hand & come back in India & end up working for : Delloite / TCS / Infy / Cogni. / E&Y; / PWC .
    On a very rough estimate, let's say, Based on IE MBA, You will get a starting salary...
    nice initiative by everyone
    I am interested in applying for Masters in Sports Management. Anybody having idea about the scope of course and placements thereafter?
    Would appreciate if any one can throw some light on it.
    hey..I have made it to sept 11 intake..
    pls get in touch with me on anirudh.kumar619@gmail.com
    Here are some of the common questions I have received from Indian applicants over the past couple of months, and my honest, straight answers.
    1. How have Indians fared in terms of landing a job in Europe in the consulting or technology or banking space.
    It will depend on the quality of you...
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    Hello folks,
    I am an International MBA from the Nov 2010 class at IE Business School. Here is my management blog that focuses on technology as a cornerstone of modern business.
    Let me know what you think of it.
    The Tech Bend Blog @www.kundanbhaduri.com
    Also, feel free to ask any que...
    Hey even i have made it to IE Nov 2011.
    Will be confirming in a couple of days
    I had my interview on April 11th. I was asked to take the IE test on April 18th. I took the test and didn't know there was negative marking. However, I still managed to finish all 60 questions. Its been almost 12 days I haven't heard anything back. I have been rejected from other two schools I ap...
    I just confirmed my IE Admit today.. Request some Alums to please share their mail ids (PM if possible.) So that i can reach to them directly..
    What is the general layout of the MBA program at IE? As in how many semesters and what breaks does one get between semesters?
    Thanks..keeping my fingers crossed. have the IE test next week. I have heard its quite easy. Hope I do well!!
    Congrats for your interview! A little surprise for you - every school wants their average GMAT ranking up!! So what if actually only half the people who are admitted get their scores recorded. Every school has some tricks up their sleeve. IE has something called the "IE Admissions Test". ...