Great Lakes Institute of Management Class of 2013 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello All,
I am Indraneel Mukherjee, MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management.
This thread is meant for all prospective applicants to Great Lakes for the academic session beginning in 2012. If you have queries regarding the admission process, requirements or have any other question, pl...
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Varsha/Ganesh ,
Need your guidence on this seniors!!!!
Hi Varsha,
I have sent the mail to Admission team at admit12@greatlakes.edu.in & admissions@greatlakes.edu.in regarding AICTE approval but haven't recieved any reply till date.
I have to submit this approval on Monday. If you can help in the matter, please.
Hi Seniors,
I have got an admission call from GLIMS. I have over 5 years of experience in the IT sector, with projects in the BFSI domain (which is normally the case with over 80% of the applicants). Can someone please advise me on the below regarding GLIMS and placements?
1) Is it tough fo...
Hi Plz reply on this...
after reading this , i am too worried and confused now..
hi ..i too got a call.not able to decide which bank to go for education loan..can somebody guide.
Hi Sandeep!
The first installment has to be through dd. This is clearly stated in the email.
That information applies to payments of subsequent installments.
i've read that dds are accepted for all installments (compulsory for the first).
Thank you pkaman. nice observation :)
i cop...
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Hi seniors,
I am planning to join GLIM's PGPM program . Had a doubt though. Is it that people with an IT background are mostly offered jobs in the IT sector and its difficult to secure a job in an other sectors such as FMCG, BFSI etc. . I am from the IT sector (work ex 26 months) and plan to ...
Plz..it will be really helpfull if any of the seniors will reply to my query..
Its not the correct email - id.
Please re-check.
Its admit12...
hii varsha..
Sorry to ask u again..but nw i am confused..
U said an IT guy will replace an IT one.wat if the pool consist of maximum IT ppl and few non IT...and wat if only non IT guys leave...in tat case a non IT candidate will not get a call..
I asked u in one recent post ..u said coll...
Is this only for the next installments? Is internet fund transfer accepted for the first installment as well? (Tomorrow is a Sunday, so..)
I sent an email to the adcom with the same question. Following is the response I received in writing:
Bank details for fee payment
Account Name Great Lakes Institute of Management
Account No 00041860000113
IFS Code HDFC0000004
Bank HD...
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Hi Varsha/Ganesh,
Once the courier with the DD and other relevant documents required is delivered to GLIM chennai office, will we receive an acknowledgement or do we need to contact to the know the status???
(online status on the courier site is saying the consignment is delivered :clap:)
Yup buddy...
Hi puys,
Anyone from Hyderabad here, seeking education loan. PM me so that we can together negotiate with the bankers for the best deal.
Is this is the address that i should send my dd.
19,North Mada St,
Srinagar Colony
Chennai 600 015.
Anyone please help me
I'm interested in doing PGPX in GLIM. I have 7 yrs of work exp.I'm planning to apply next year. Is it a complete residential program?I cannot quit the job and take-up studies.Is it possible with PGPX. Can someone pls enlighten me on these?
pls anybody who has clear info regarding the above mentioned query, pls help me.
HI Seniors,
I am getting you have currently been waitlisted,wait till wait list movement till mid march.
I want to know are all the people who applied are wait listed or some are rejected as well!!
Thanks in advance!!
First of all i thank u whole heartedly for your advice and encouragement which helped me in clearing the process. I have few queries:
1. I am planning to send the initial DD of 1 lakh today. Would i get any acknowledgement receipt after they receive the draft and enclosures?
2. W...