Great Lakes Institute of Management Class of 2013 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello All,
I am Indraneel Mukherjee, MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management.
This thread is meant for all prospective applicants to Great Lakes for the academic session beginning in 2012. If you have queries regarding the admission process, requirements or have any other question, pl...
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Hi seniors,
Can we leave our bikes at the campus by visiting there on 1st April..
It depends based on the company. Some companies have 2 months or more others have 1 or lesser. Usually you will have a month or so before you join them.
When do the students join the companies in which they recruited? Or when do the companies give the candidates joining? Immediately after passing out or after a few mnths.
What is usual time delay involved in authorities providing us the confirmation for the installments paid ?
Mail/call admissions immediately and request the same.
Hi Ganesh / Varsha,
I have deposited the fees for second installment. And for the Third and fourth installment I will be taking loan from bank.As 23rd March is a bank holiday in Maharashtra and due to some bank formalities, it wont be possible for me to deposit the third installment on time. I...
On 26 Feb., when I had my interview in Delhi, while addresing Mr. Eshwar clearly told that 60 no. of students were yet to placed but he was hopeful that he would get them placed. Since cleraly 60 implies 20%, it does not fall in line what he said earlier o...
**it happens waitlisted folks....move on, they dont want us, not yet, and when they do...we cant do $^it about it........have a drink....curse, rant and get on with your lives, I am doing the same
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The bulk recruitments happen initially and post that the companies don't recruit in huge numbers because they come here for specific roles. There is progress with respect to the placements and as Prof. Easwar said we are hopeful for 100% placements this time as well.
Hi Trokia,
Time and again Varsha and Ganesh have mentioned that Wait List movement is not the way every one perceives it to be. In a nut shell, whenever a candidate drops out, GLIM looks for a matching profile and allocates slots accordingly.
Additionally, due to AICTE norms, a candidate c...
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Hi Varsha/Ganesha,
Please tell us about waitlist movement....Is it still going or has stopped :|...becoz with each day passing it will get difficult for us to leave the company and join on 24 or 25 April ....Can u pls tell when this waitlist movement will stop????
Hi Ganesh,
On the 19th of feb, the day of my GD/PI when Professoe Easwar addressed us , he said that around 10% of the students were yet to be placed.He was hopeful of getting eveybody placed as the placement season was still going on.
1 month down the line you are still sharing the same st...
As days are going I'm loosing hopes that there will be any movement in the list of waitlisted people
These are the dates for Chennai campus.
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Yes varsha,
pl do wat ever possible from your end to start the waitlist movement tomorrow.. we may not want to end up in trouble .. :-)
Can we expect wait list movement by tomorrow :nono:
Need to give atleast 1 month notice before quitin...
Things will get difficult every single day......
Dear Varsha,
Are you from the Chennai campus? Do you think it is possible to request the admission committee to release the date we are supposed to report at the Chennai campus? April 24/25 are the dates being floated around but there is confusion as to whether the are dates for the Chennai ca...
The admissions office was closed as it was the weekend. Will check tomorrow.
Varsha, Any Update on this??
Hi Srinivasan
We have time and again answered several questions regarding the placements. Please go through/search the thread for the same. I think there are around 5-10% of the students still to be placed, we are hopeful of getting them placed as we have the placements still in process.