Great Lakes Institute of Management Class of 2013 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello All,
I am Indraneel Mukherjee, MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management.
This thread is meant for all prospective applicants to Great Lakes for the academic session beginning in 2012. If you have queries regarding the admission process, requirements or have any other question, pl...
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My profile enclosed below, kindly provide my chancing of making. Does low GMAT will hamper my chances. When is the application process starting. Will my Sales & Energy Sector help
Brief Profile Details:Designation: Sales Engineer ( Energy Sector)
Current Company: EPC MNC, Global Engineering...
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Use this: http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/gmat-accepting-bschools/official-great-lakes-che-t-85524/p-3602167/r-3741514
Thanks for the reply!!! :-)
@mic1988 There is nothing like average GMAT score considered for GD/PI call. It depends on the profile as a whole and not just on GMAT score. Hope that answers your question
Hi All, Wanted to know what is average GMAT score one considers for GLIM addmission. Thanks in advance
Hi Seniors,
My profile:5+workex in IT, would be giving gmat by Oct.
1.Is 5+ workex a turndown or class profile in GLIM?
2.Are there less % of offers in glim for 5+workex people?
3.can i get more light on placements and job offers of ppl with 5+ workex in glim?
4.glim has more prog...
Looking at your brother's level of experience and salary he is drawing currently; whether to go for MBA in Energy Management (MBA is a competency, it helps in long run) or not is a difficult question. One of my friend was also working in Energy sector, he did his MBA (Greatlakes) the same sector...
Hi, cud someone tell me when is the latest that i can take GMAT to apply for 1 year PGPM in Great Lakes . planning to be part of classes commencing in 2013.also please explain the entire application process. Thanks in advance.
@[559147:MoreThanMyName] Very good prof.... Your chances are bright...please give your best shot at the GD/PI....
Guys ..Let me know one thing ... Does GLIM have their own test ?? heard they had one before ... Also I have just about started preparing for GMAt and CAT ..would it be possible to give GMAt in Nov-Dec right in time for GLIM ?? as currently am spending 2 hrs for GMAT preps which i started a week a...
That is not what I felt - although my feelings based on a simple fact that there was mostly GMAT guys on first cycle and CAT/XAT guys in second one. GLIM has appropriated some number of seats for each cycle. Pal, forget these trivial issues. Let me tell you - Go ahead full steam, until you arriv...
Thanks Pankag. Do guys applying in first cycle have advantage over the guys applying in the second cycle? That is the case with foriegn universities but just want to understand how it is in GLIM.
I don't know whether I am allowed to disclose the questions from previous year. So I would give a generalized answer which would certainly solve your purpose. Please start searching about Statement of Purpose or SOP. Once you search about it, you will discover several other questions you need to...
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I think u can. That is the reason they have kept two cycles and first cycle is normally for people with GMAT scores. If at all they did not allow two applications, they would have explicitly mentioned the same. But my suggestion would be you please check this with admissions committee first thin...
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One basic question, Can anyone try for both the cycles in case he/she fails in first?
Hey Rev,The admission process for each b-school changes every year to get more fitting and better candidates. But your acads are good enough to get you through. GLIM considers a holistic approach, where all components are given due weight. Few points worth considering.1- Practice hard & Give your...
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Hi Everyone,
This is how my profile reads right now - GMAT - 690 (Aug2012)Engg - CGPA 7.73 (BIT, Mesra)12th - 92%10th - 87%Exp - 2 yearsWas a part of NSS in college, and been involved with voluntary social work after college. I plan to apply for the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 batch. What are my cha...
GLIM accepts GMAT, CAT(2011,2012) and XAT (2012,2013) scores. These three exams are different, you should analyse the three and decide for yourself which exam is better for you. Hope this helps
Hi Puys, This is my first post here. Planning to apply for GLIM. X - 78XII - 86BTech - 75 Work Ex - 4 years in IT (Won appreciations and Awards)GMAT - 690/5 (Taking the test again on Oct 30 2012, Will GLIM consider best score or latest score?)Extracurricular - Below Avg (Participated in many e...