how good is NTU GMAT Accepting B-Schools

hey friends, i'd like to know HOW good is NTU for MS.... i heard that the avg salary there is about 1.2lakh indian rupees per month....well, anyways, dyu know how good that is when compared to institutes like xlri,fms,mdi etc
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hiiii as far as i know i have gone thru various sites and ranking magazines as well as ex students doin MS from NTU is not a good idea becoz IISc ranked higher than NTU for post grad programmes ..only advantage u have is that i has very strong network with good universities like MIT CMU etc so if u ca prove urself at NTU u have chances to get in to these universities for still higher studies which much more difficult from indian univ....job scenarionis not bad either but depends lot on ur br
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    rahul have you already got admission or u r still contemplating taking admission.
    if someone doesn't know, i'm talking about nanyang technological university,singapore....