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I am a first year student (class of 2013) at Goizueta Business School, Emory University. As a Goizueta Ambassador, I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the application process, academics, life at Goizueta etc. for the batch starting in Fall 2012.
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This is for all those who got through and went to Emory.... Can you shed some light on how difficult is it to get placement after a one year program ?

Thanks !!
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    Hey Guys, I am an admit to one year program at GBS. Any other admits hoping to travel to Atlanta mid-April. We can connect. Also, looking for room-mate(s). I am planning to reach Atlanta by mid-April...I am currently in Mumbai, India
    @A_J_Sahae oops .!!skipped ur last line . shall post in the other link
    @AB_88 Hey dude, yes, I am going for Kelley. I applied to four, got dinged by 2 and out of the other 2 Kelley is the best :)
    @maidenfreak thanks maiden freak for that !!congrats on the admit .Are you taking it up ? I ll surely take what you said sportively . Infact I totally agree when you ask us to be increasingly practical about life/opportunities post MBA. And I am considering Kelley after this, so your inputs w...
    @A_J_Sahae Thanks AJ for that info. I have been writing essays for Goizueta. As a tech guy how all do you think I can contribute to GTA(other than trek, seminars, guest lectures.) I find they do mention quite a few activities but cant really read about them in detail anywhere. In my essays I h...
    Dude, its not a sweeping statement. Thats why I said, take it with a grain of salt, cuz I cant be sure. Its just what I have deduced from my understanding of b schools. I mean, thats been my experience. I have spoken to a couple of other folks who applied to emory this year, and they had product...
    @maidenfreak , I'd appreciate it if you didn't make sweeping statements like "they recruit only consulting roles" even with the "imo" modifier. That one line can mislead more than giving no information at all.
    We have had Indian IT candidates switching to investment banking, corporate strate...
    @AB_88 Frankly from my experience with Goizuetta (I am pursuing prod management too and got dinged from Emory), if its an indian candidate with IT background, they recruit only consulting roles imo. I cant be sure, but its my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. As for tech, there might be a...
    @A_J_Sahae HI AJ . This is Ashwin from India . Have a 3+yrs work ex in a R&D; center of a electronics giant . Want to pursue product mangement post MBA . am in the process of writing essays for Emory. I hear that Atlanta region is seeing a real tech boom in the last decade. I want to know of re...
    I was a R1 applicant this year for Goizueta one year program. I have got an admit and accepted the same for the program starting 2013... I would be pleased to help with any questions regarding applications/interview.. I am from Mumbai .. anyone from this region who has got an admit?
    I attended the World MBA Tour in Bangalore and visited Emory Goizueta..I had the opportunity to talk to an alum present at the fair..I've shared my experiences here..
    Yes Hari, it's pretty normal. You should check your status on OPUS.
    And please post in this year's thread going forward.
    My second recommender has also submitted the form. I still did not get the confirmation email for submitting my application. Is this normal? Or should I contact the adcom?
    Please help!!
    Hi Guys,I submitted my application just in time for R2. My profile:GMAT - 700Exp - 6 years IT (at the time of joining)
    I have one question. I did not get the confirmation email after submitting the application. Is it normal or is it because one of my recommenders did not submit yet?
    And, please feel free to ask any more questions that you have. Post on the other thread though. Here's the link:
    Thanks dreeemMBA, I finally managed to cut the words short Phew!! Now I have 495 words, space for 5 more!!
    Hi Maidenfreak,
    Adhering to the school's policies, in this case the word limit, is always important. I am sure you can reduce the word count. :D
    Class of 2014
    Goizueta Business School
    The thread to continue this conversation is http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/gmat-accepting-bschools/goizueta-business-school-fa-t-85918/p-3604269
    Hey guys,
    Please continue conversations for the current year in the new thread here.
    And Maidenfreak, I think I remember reading on some admission consulting blog that generally, a +-10% variability on the word limit is acceptable. Google. Boom.
    Cheers,Goizueta Ambassador #42.