FT Ranking 2008 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

FT 2008 MBA ranking is out.
ISB is now Rank #20. It has been a long wait for ISB!!
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Wow, it looks like everyone here is an EXPERT on B-Schools.. much more so than FT, which has only been doing this for years now.

Look.. Ranking mean very little. The perception of these ranked colleges is what matters. And the perception in the market in which you wish to work in is that much more important.

It simply means this -
ISB can now claim to be a rank 20 college. ISB grads will be viewed as superior. ISB grads may get more money. ISB's rank will remain high.
The truth isn't as important as perception.

And yes, I think the IIM's are overrated. 200k people fighting for the privilege of studying with a few thousand others, who like them, are fresh out of college and believe that marks mean everything.
Gimme an ISB anyday, where I gotta compete with people who've actually survived office politics, bad bosses, learnt from real office mentors and have had their asses handed to them when their projects lost money.

Now.. THAT is learning.

The PGPX program now.. c'mon. Thats the crazy. I have to be 27 to get in? Why? Age Bias? I've been working since I was 17, ran my own business, worked for 2 startups, and most a lot of people who've worked under me were over 27. The work-ex reqyuirement is understood, but what kind of college puts an age restriction? How is that fair? How is that something a reputable college does?

Anyway.. Congrats ISB :)
PG Posters.. don't be so militant pweese. IIM is still very nice.
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    It will be really embarrasing for students if IIM-A PGPX makes it to rankings ahead of PGPM.. coz for years PGPM has been the flagship course and PGPX has just started off... and hence PGPM is well known in market as compared to PGPX..
    Secondly either of the courses are difficult to put into c...
    PGPX can only qualify in FT Rankings when at least three batches have graduated. Right now, their second batch is graduating and third batch will start in April 2008.
    I am copy-pasting below a link related to PGPX 2nd batch placements. Really impressive --- I think no program globally has man...
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    u r right even i felt that.. at least PGPX could have qualified..i would like to know more on this if you can discuss it..
    One very interesting thing i found out was that both IIM's n ISB r segmented differently.. And one of the major points which we need to highlight is that IIM is not elligible for the FT rankings becoz "FT takes into account the incoming salary of students, which is absent in case of IIM's as they...
    Well, given that I do not represent FT, I do not require your offer of guidance to improve the methodology. Frankly, if you have any issues with this process, it will be really nice of you to write to FT instead.
    And this post of mine that you have quoted was in response to people who were sh...
    True in the past, not anymore... what I'm really surprised about in this flamewar across a lot of different threads is that no one has talked about the fact that IIMA has a program called PGPX that is meant for those with 7+ years of experience.
    Personally, since I'll qualify for this experien...
    ISB deserves to be ahead of IIMA just based on the fact that IIMA takes freshers.
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    Just started getting active on PG, and going through to figure out whether I would prefer ISB or IIMA/C's PGPX and PGPEX programs. I found this post interesting, so thought I would reply.
    Agreed that FT is a very reputable paper, so I think we can eliminate "planting" a story. At the same time...
    Hai friends,
    I'm aspirant for 2010 ISB...i hv researched many insti's and ISB and IIM's are dream. I recently saw financial times 2008 mba ranking and wuz thrilled to see isb on top 20.....gr8 achievement kudos! but i also found some analysis Let me wear a Suit. Please! necromonger @ INSEAD MB...
    The thing is that Management Education is all about broadening one's perspective about the world & then influencing it to achieve the desired objectives.This is easier said than done & to teach it one requires an optimum mixture of merit & practical exposure.ISB has been modelled on this very rea...
    Hi tank_I,
    I agree with most of your points stated above. In fact I do agree that ISB is rising exponentially and will make its mark once it gets more global exposure.
    I do respectfully disagree that the rankings have been based on a high GMAT score. If you go through the criteria specified...
    Kudos ISB !!
    For those of you who still haven't figured out the $160k+ avg salary funda, here is some more gyaan.
    To normalize financial studies across the world we use a concept called purchasing power parity or PPP. This figure for India stands at 3.27. In simple terms, with 1$ you can b...
    To get things straight, IIMs & ISB are competing in two different areas... So lets not compare either of them, both are great in their respective arenas.. Its just that a person with 2-3 yrs experience might find it in his/her favor to join an IIM whereas a person with 5-6 yrs of work ex would fi...
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    Given below is the link to an interview of FT London's Business Education editor, Della Bradshaw. The interview makes for an interesting read and clarifies many of the questions raised on the forum
    The MBA Universe :- News & Updates
    Peace Guys
    This ranking is very different from what we have seen for years. Definitely this ranking is based on various data that FT assumes to be important for comparision. FT has its own understanding of various critical components of an MBA curriculum.
    It is quite evident that 'Compositi...
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    OK. What about these schools makes you feel that they are great? Have you been to these schools? Its reputation built over the years and probably the Alumni strength. I guess the rankings might not have factored that in ... very much unfortunately.
    Instead look at the factors and let me know w...
    pretty weird ranking n nothing else!!!
    well HKUST ranked over Kellogg, Duke, Darden, Carnegie Mellon??? there is no way I can agree with that...or for that matter University of Strathclyde in top 30.
    Just wait for the BW rankings coming out later this fall, and see the other extreme, or just compare the current BW rankings ofnon-US...
    Just saw this comment from you. No. 20 might be a shocker since a new school less than six years old making a debut at No. 20.
    But No. 17 surely is not. HKUST has been ranked at No. 20 by EIU (Economist) too a few months back and has been in the Top 50 and Asia's #1 in most ranking systems fo...