A current MBA student at BYU (Marriott School) taking questions GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Dear Puys,
I am a current student at BYU's MBA program , its also referred to often as the Marriott School.
I am starting this thread as there have been many Indians who have asked questions , many of which are similar about BYU's MBA program . So, I believe
that this will be a good plac...
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krish_chaitu Total tuition cost please along with living expenses . 14 Dec '13.
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I had a first interview with head of finance. Got another call for second interview with Director of Career Management. Have heard that usually admissions are granted after just one interview. What do you think the second interview with Career Management folks mean ??
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    Hello Wasatch: I am an Indian applicant GMAT: 670 Work Exp: 4yrs 7 months (till date) Worked in : Wipro BPO, Wipro Technology and Delphi Automotive (Automotive Domain experience) DGPA : 8.83/10 Could you please let me know about my prospects in BYU-Marriott along with chances for scholarsh...
    Hi I am going to write GMAt by Mar-13. When I was gathering the information on official site of BYU I got confused with tution fee or attendance fee :( I just want to know that if I have a budget of max 20 lacks INR, which I am going to manage through student loan can I persue MBA from BYU?
    Hi. I have received an admit from BYU (2011 to 2013). My details are as follows:
    GMAT: 700
    Work Ex: 3 years (by June 2011) as Senior Systems Engineer @ Infosys Technologies Limited
    I am an Indian citizen and I concerned about the number of companies recruiting on campus which hire int...
    I'm looking forward to applying to BYU for fall '11. I have a question for you.
    I'm currently employed in financial services industry and would like to continue in the same field post MBA. I would like to know the names of the firms who recruit for Buy-side positions.
    Hi there,
    thanks for the all the help....
    Can you please let me know whether this WES evaluation is mandatory or not? Is there any possibility of a waiver in this regard? I am asking this because I do not think I would be able to get this evaluation done by 15th January.
    Thanks Ronnie.
    There are some students in the class with less work expereince ie <2.
    They look at overall maturity of the candidate once they do well on fixed
    criteria like GMAT,GPA etc.
    So,if you are confident that the rest of your app besided your work-ex shows
    maturity,go ahead ...
    First of all i would like to thank you for doing an amazing job.
    My Question: I've heard that BYU places more importance on GMAT than work-ex. Is it true? I have a GMAT of 740 and a couple of national level scholarships. Work-ex is on a lower side <2yrs. Do you think that i have viable...
    Hi Sarvanan,
    I replied to your message too.I am saying same things here.
    Its tough to say from little you said.Butfrom that little,I feel that
    your GMAT can hurt you in your app.
    Try to improve the score as the average is around 670.
    Strategy consulting is broad too.Do you want to ...
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    Hi Wasatch,
    Please evaluate my profile.
    CGPA: 3.8/4
    Gmat:610 (Retaking).
    Exp: will have 21 months of IT consulting experience from big 3 by Fall 2010. Also have 6 months of intern exp from Honeywell. I have considerable community and leadership activities. (lead a school adoption pro...
    Thanks for your post.I am sorry that I got back to you late.I was on a vacation.
    Regional school in the sense many recruiters would be from that part of US,
    which I donot always agree becasue many recruiters here do comefrom Western US which mainly includes California,Arizona,Utah...
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    Thanks for starting this thread.
    I have a couple of questions :
    "As per Wall Street Journal its ranked no.1 amongst regional schools."
    a) What is a regional school ?
    b) how do you compare BYU with other top schools like Harvard, Duke etc.
    One of the past students from India, Akshay created a blog ,which answered many of the commonly asked questions beautifully.
    Feel free to ask me any further questions any of you might face after going through the blog.Here it is :
    BYU MBA Admissions & Beyond: Q&A;: Financial Responsibility
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    Hi,I answered in italics below
    Hi Bala,
    Thanks for your email.
    My profile is above the averages , you see for BYU on the website.
    I will not be comfortable to share my exact profile.Also , thats not of
    much use, because having same numbers in all is a bad way to benchmark
    oneself.If you are above the averages fo...
    I am LDS member.I Just wanted to know whether 3 years of work experience is mandatory.
    Can you please go through the inline comments along with the requirements and could you please let me know whether my profile is eligible for BYU Marriott MBA Program.
    I am able to meet the require...
    Hi Wasatch,
    great to see a forum with info and focus on a specific school.
    I have few questions.
    Could you please share your personal profile and acads with us?
    I am planning to give my GMAT in March'2010. So, I am searching for schools i can apply/rely on.
    I am BE grad passout in ...
    Hi Jasku,
    Last year almost all the international students who wanted internships/jobs in US got one.
    I plan to major in Finance.
    If you want to work for consulting firms, they hire from all majors. For eg when PwC came for hiring this year , there were posting for Human Capital Mgmt(HR) ...
    HI Wasatch,
    thanks for starting this thread and giving us valuable info, and yes your right the BYU is the most reasonable top 30 MBA program, and I am definitely interested in coming there.
    What I would like to ask you is
    1) How is the student life out there, both in and off capmus?
    How many Indians you have in the current batch?
    Also if you could share your pre-application profile & general profiles of Indians in the batch.