Credila loans VS Bank Loans GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone here has explored the education loans offered by Credila. :: Credila €™s Student Loan Web Site ::. It is a privately run company that specializes in student loans. I believe that they will charge a higher fee for their services and a higher rate of intere...
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With Avanse Financial Services have been made easy to apply for and get too. The terms and conditions are not that hard to be met. The interest rates are low. Thus, it is easy for the students to apply and acquire an education loan. At Avanse, the getting a loan is 4 steps process:

1. Obtain an application form and fill it

2. Verification

3. Loan agreement

4. Disbursement of loan amount

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    yeah I want to know very urgently whether for studying in Qubec, the visa and immigration authorities accept loan sanction from Credila. pl reply asap.
    I have applied for Credila Education Loan. The interest rate today is 13.95 (without security) and 12.95 (with security) as compared to another Nationalized bank which is 14%.
    I had a personal loan with HDFC bank and I found their services to be cool enough to think of Credila (an HDFC subsid...
    Hi Marketeer
    thanks for sharing ur exp with credila and congrats ...i got offer from york univ. canada .
    Just wondering if u cud share what amt u got approved and what docs u had to give ...like ITRs etc??
    i did apply for credila education loan. to my suprise they did everyhting within a fraction of second but the amount of money they charge. In ma opinion its heavy for me.....loan sactioned as well.....they ve unique processing fee and many to come by...
    same question some one hepl us plsssssss wan to know about credila ......... how can i belive them n give a colatral
    Hi Guys,
    This post is not an advert and details my experience with Credila for info purposes.
    I have an admit from Schulich School Of Business, Toronto. As you all would be aware by now that education loan processing in India by government banks is a very tedious and cumbersome process.
    any one taken loan from education loans offered by Credila ?
    plz reply
    Yes..it looks to be a good program. have you done your Visa and accommodation work. Are you going for the hostel accommodation?
    Thanks!!! well, what bout you, are u not joining. If so, if there is anything specific about the university that me too should not neglect...I will defenitely join that group though!!!
    I have the admission offer from Goethe Business School for the Full-Time MBA Sep-2009...and I am planning to go for it...any suggestions or comments??