Carnegie Mellon Tepper MBA Interviews 2010 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi Guys
I submitted my application to study the full time MBA at Carnegie Mellon (Tepper School) - Pittsburgh in round 2 (the deadline was 4 January 2010). Has anybody else applied? Has anybody been called for an interview?
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My status just says "submitted" guess we have just to keep on waiting...
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    check your Application Status.
    Submission status apparently always remains 'submitted' while the other one that keeps changing , so it appears !
    yea, i got a reply , the coordinator said the review group puts the status and it is not for the applicant..it is more for the school. it said like the review team has not got all my documents from the office so they are waiting for something and hence the status. It is not meant for me and i don...
    Did the adcom respond to your email as yet? As far as I am aware you do not need to submit the financial funding proof unless you are accepted. Perhaps give them a call
    Well i just happened to check the status online..Application status says Submitted but there is one another line saying ' Incomplete Application received - Please submit required documents (details below) ' but there is nothing below that which says 'not received' All - reference, CV, GMAT,TOFE...
    I have not contacted an admissions officer. What's your profile?
    me too waiting
    I too have applied in R2, but havent heard from then ever since. My app status still shows "Submitted". Did you speak to any admission officer?