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My name is Stacy Blackman. Since 2001 my firm, Stacy Blackman Consulting, has helped clients gain admission to every top business school in the world. I am happy to answer any of your questions on the MBA admissions process and your specific applications.
In addition to consulting, I al...
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Hi Stacy: Im a engineer working at a leading R&D; company. I hold a Masters degree in Engineering mechanics from Penn State university and a total work experience of 1 year as of today. I am looking for a career switch to technology/business consulting and am considering managment program for peo...
Hi Stacy,
Thanks for the update. Can you please tell me more about NU, Boston. I have heard this college is good. If yes, please suggest me its good for which specialization? I have to get scholarship to go to any US B-School, it would be great if you can tell something about the scholarshi...
Hi everyone,
Are there any MBA admissions or GMAT questions we can answer?
Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
Hi Deep,
Unfortunately it is difficult to tell you which program is the "best" in a specific area. There are a number of publications that publish rankings, but the rankings are not universally agreed upon.
The best step you can take is to speak to current students, alumni, and the career c...
Hi rahzaa,
I agree that you should not underestimate the importance of the location of a business school. That is where the majority of your network will be post-graduation, which is very important when you are looking for employment post-graduation.
My advice is to strongly consider what y...
Can you please suggest.? I'm waiting for your reply.
What would be your advice to someone who is looking to an MBA but then also find a job in the Middle East?
I am thinking that if a person can NOT get into the top 6-8 US schools or the top 5 European schools, and the objective is to move to Middle East, then it makes more sense to d...
Hi Stacy,
I am a commerce graduate and am currently working with a market research MNC as a analyst. I plan to do a MBA in a years time or may be 2 years from now. so by that time i will have a experience of 3 years. My acads have been decent. Scored 80+ in 10th n 12th. and 75 in grads.
I a...
Hi uchiha itachi,
Your GMAT score is strong enough. Remember that admissions teams will be looking beyond your numbers, and it is important to develop other areas of your application. I recommend you read this case study of an Indian engineer who was accepted into Columbia, Tuck, and MIT: MBA ...
Hi Melodania,
Regarding your first question, the larger multinational consulting firms tend to only recruit at their target programs, so if there is a particular company you are interested in working for it is important to consider this when looking at MBA programs.
For your second questio...
I need information regarding 6 B-Schools in US.
1) Smeal college of Business (Penn State University)
2) Katz (University of Pittsburgh)
3) Northeastern University COB (Boston)
4) Michigan State University
5) Purdue University (Krannert school)
6) U of Illinois, Urba...
Hi Stacy,
I am an engineer currently working in a big software company.
I took my Gmat n got a 700. But am not sure if this is a good enough score, given that I have only about a year's work ex.
10th score : 84 %
12th score : 83%
engg GPA : 6.84/10
I have pretty good ex...
Hi Conrad,
I am considering a fall 2013 start for my MBA ,for which I am targetting the top 15-20 B-schools in the US(hoping to narrow it down soon to about 5-6,working on that now).
Brief Background:
WE:3.5 years work as a consultant,for big telecom IT firm.6 months worked in a small ma...
Hi everyone,
Are there any MBA admissions or GMAT questions we can answer?
Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
Hi Dream Team,
Is there a particular reason why you would not like to take the GMAT test again? The reason is that your score is a fair amount lower than the averages of the schools you are considering. Your highest GMAT score is self-reported on your application, so admissions teams will focu...
Hi mohnish311,
For GMAT material, I recommend you visit MBA.com (the official GMAT website) and that you purchase the Official Guide to the GMAT. Additionally, we have a free GMAT resource here: GMAT Overview | Stacy Blackman Consulting - MBA Admissions
Harvard Business School is looking fo...
Hi Rahul,
Congratulations on your admittance and scholarships. What I recommend you do is spend time considering your goals post-graduation. As an example, is there a particular company you would like to work for? If so, speak to the career centers at each program to see if that company recrui...
Hi Stacy,
Thank you for this thread, I would like you to evaluate my profile and suggest admission strategies for MBA intakes in 2013.
I'm a Chartered Accountant from India, 30 years old, 7 years post qualification experience by the time I get into a school next year. In addition I did a 3 ...
I have a small query regarding the preparation for B schools. currently i am in third year of civil engineering program
1. what materials should i be using for preparing for gmat
2. which kind of social welfare work or leadership qualities do harvard people appriciate
well waiting for yo...
Hi Stacy,
Thanks for your posts. They have really been very helpful.
I got an admit from thunderbird and UC irvine with 40k and 30k schol.
Hence I am having a tough time to choose between the two, Can you help
by suggesting what is good and what is bad in these colleges ?
I have ...