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My name is Stacy Blackman. Since 2001 my firm, Stacy Blackman Consulting, has helped clients gain admission to every top business school in the world. I am happy to answer any of your questions on the MBA admissions process and your specific applications.
In addition to consulting, I al...
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Hello.... I wanted to know what my options are regarding doing my MBA from US/UK. I am in the final year of my engineering.

Here are my credentials,

10th - 89.8

12th - 90.8

BE(Hons.) Mechanical, BITS Pilani, India - 7.65 (Hopefully 8.01 by the time I graduate)

I have not given my GMAT yet.Thank you.

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    Hi,I want to do a MBA in US with a major in Information Systems. Kindly let us know the schools I can apply for.GMAT:620TOEFL:101Work Experience: 27 months in TCSGPA:6.98/10 8 arrears
    Hi everyone,
    For individuals looking for business school programs, we provide free MBA program overviews here:
    Hi everyone,
    Are there any MBA admissions or GMAT questions we can answer?
    Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
    Mukund_Dev Can you suggest some colleges where I can do MBA/MS with.... 17 Nov '13.
    HI everyone, are there any MBA admissions or GMAT questions we can answer?
    Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
    hoodi2121 Hi Stacy . 23 Jul '13.
    hoodi2121 Many Thanks for your Wonderful contribution to this websi.... 23 Jul '13.
    Join us for an insightful conversation led by an ex-admissions officer on our team. We'll share how applicant profiles are reviewed, and we'll answer your questions during this interactive webinar on July 10, 2013, at 5 p.m. Pacific. Attendees will receive exclusive offers from Stacy Blackman Con...
    Hello,I need some advice... My Profile : I have done Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering with GPA of 2.9. I have a work-ex of 5 years in IT industry. I am preparing for GMAT and would be giving the exam in March '13. My target score would be 650 - 700 and am looki...
    Hi everyone,
    Are there any MBA admissions or GMAT related questions we can answer?
    Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
    What To Consider When Choosing An MBA Program
    A healthy dose of self-reflection, and knowing the answer when asked why...
    Thanks Stacy.. One more thing.. I would like to know abt the MPA (master of professional accounting) course.. It's that a gud course to do. Future prospects of that. In India and in abroad..
    Hi everyone,
    Are there any MBA admissions or GMAT questions we can answer?
    Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
    Hi agiri,
    There is a demand for MBAs in Australia. A good step for you though is to speak to the career centers at Australian MBA programs. They will be able to discuss with you the companies that recruit at the program and the opportunities available.
    Conrad and the Stacy Blackm...
    Hi farazibnrafi ,
    I recommend you strongly consider why you are looking to pursue an MBA or a Masters program, as the two programs are very different and the material you will study will also be different. Unfortunately there is no "right" decision. The best step to take is to speak to current...
    I am working as a assistant manager with nationalized bank, done BE in computer science .I want to settle down in Australia, but confused abt the course to purse there so that i can get the job after that. I heard that, MBA from AUS got no value as there is no demand for MBAs. is it t...
    Hello StacyBlackman !
    I'm a graduate in civil engineering.
    Here is my profile
    10th- 72% (Karnataka State Board)
    12th- 73% (Karnataka State Board)
    Engineering- 7.4/10 (Visvesvaraya Technological University)
    Work ex: Part time- 8 months as coordinator at a construction company. Fu...
    Hey Stacy, no I don't intend to take up GMAt. As I don't have much time. And these univ take up students for masters without GMAT ryt? Well by the time you answered this, my 5th sem results were announced pushing my graduation avg to 63.15%. But I'm still yet to get my Transcript which the univer...
    Hi blueworries, have you taken the GMAT exam yet?
    If you'd like, we provide free test tips here: http://www.stacyblackman.com/gmat-files/
    Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
    Hi Sansd,
    Thanks for posting. Do you have a preference in location, and what are your goals post-graduation?
    Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
    Hey Stacy,
    I'm currently in my final year at University of Delhi, pursuing BA(hons)business economics.
    Every semester we study modules in economcis and finance, like Micro , macro, Business finance, Investement management etc.
    Also, I have a deep understanding of econometrics due to my c...
    Hi,I have given my GMAT, now I was looking to apply to b-schools, could you suggest me some b-schools gud enough for my score and good schools as well, and if I can get a scholarship
    my profile is as follows;
    Working as HVAC Engineer in Kuwait in a building services consultancy.
    GMAT - 6...