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The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as a gesture to them and to every aspirant seeking a...
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ashwindan hey guys ,im doing my B.E mechanical engg from Visweswara.... 04 Dec '13.
igradglobal Good to hear from you Ashwin - Most universities conside.... 04 Mar.
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Hi frnd..my acads in 10th are 75%,in 12th 55%, & 74% in grad...if i will get 99%ile in cat 2012...will i get a col frm any of the IIM?
Hello all,
After going through the entire blog, I felt compelled enough to put forward my case.
I have graduated from NIT with a CGP of 8.55 in 2010 and was then employed with an automobile MNC in their RnD wing. However, after seeing the technical side of things was interested to shift to...
Hello Consultants,
Query about Master of Finance from LBS. This being a short term course of 10 months appx, does it make significant impact on career growth?? Moreover student profiles of current class reveals that only 10% of class was from industry (i.e. ppl apart from financial services n ...
Hi MartianonEarth,
Thanks for answering the queries.
I want to know about some colleges in Asia which provide 1 year Mba in Operations. If you can help.
I would think of it as a big mistake if you try to force fit your NGO experience into your career goals. Your extra mural activities showcase another facet of your personality. You are engaging in them because you care to make a difference outside the circumference of your work. You may continue ...
Thanks again Namita. I indeed feel strongly for the cause of education for underprivileged. However, post mba, i would like to pursue a corporate role (to pay off the gigantic debt!) and not a role with an NGO. So i am falling short of ideas to weave community involvement into my long term career...
Here's a list:
Best Production Operations Programs Top Business Schools US News Best Graduate Schools
Start your search by looking at the websites of these b-schools.
Namita, MBA Decoder
I did indeed forget to talk about your community service, which seems quite long term and therefore very believable. However, I think you should talk about it in the essays if you feel strongly about the work you have done, not because it will look good to present to the adcom.
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I am an engineer working in SAP ERP since 2.5 years.
Have done my BE Computers with 61% (agg) from Mumbai University
Planning to give my gmat....Want to do MBA in Operations.
Please suggest me a list of colleges you think i can be elligible in... plan...
Thank you Namita. I went through the IBM website and found some really interesting stuff. This could be a good starting point for my application essays. I think I should focus on blending analytics with consulting to shape a distinctive (yet achievable) career path.
While answering my query, ...
It is not about the consistency between work-ex and target schools, rather the consistency between your work-ex and goals post MBA - that is important. Your application needs to bring out a logical and well thought out and well researched linkage between 1) what you are doing right now 2) what yo...
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Well, it is definitely the top 15- 20 US b-schools as you have rightly pointed out, the sure shots being HBS, Wharton, Stanford, Kellogg, Duke, Columbia, Darden and Tuck (look at the BW rankings career data) Add INSEAD and LBS in Europe.
GMAT Scores:
If you are targeting the schools listed ...
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Hello consultants,
I am pursuing bachelors of business economics from Delhi university. My graduation will end in April 2013. I am confused between doing MBA from India or msc from abroad
My profile:
Tenth- 83 percent
12th- 68 percent(PCM)
Expected in graduation- above 60 percent<...
Responded to your PM, Ravneet-ji.
I'd agree with the 'fees less' part. The 'returns more' is open to debate.
The probability of landing a job is dependent on many other factors. State of the economy is a prime factor. There are others such as your pre-MBA skills, strength of the MBA brand, ...
Hi Sameer and Namita,
I need you help to evaluate my profile and advise me on my target schools.
2.8 years of experience (3.8 years at matriculation) working for an analytics based consultancy in pharma space (could be considered a KPO). Highest rating in all my appraisals and involved in m...
Hi Neo,
I have a GMAT score of 730 with good academics, an energy engineer from NIT Bhopal, 1 year experience in a manufacturing PSU, community service and other extracuricular activities. I am aiming for MBA schools in or outside india which accept GMAT score and experience of or less than 2 ...
Hi Namita,
Thanks for your response. I am open to feedback from any consultant in this forum. :)
What I meant is I have an open mind with respect to domain of consulting. Being from a technology background it would be difficult to convince employers that i could excel in general o...
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I thought I will give my opinion as well :)
Stanford, INSEAD and Wharton are extremely competitive b-schools and its a challenge for anybody to get in there.
Some qualities that will help you there are: leadership, intellectual capabilities, ability to take initiation and in...
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Hi Consultants,
I am having 5.6 years of IT work ex including 1 yr of assignment abroad.
While filling on the essays there are two section which needs to be filled in 200 words each.
1. Other achievements (except professional)
2. Extracurricular activities/Hobbies/Interests
Now i a...
Hi Sameer,
I would like to have your advice on my chances at some the best Colleges such as Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, ISB and NTU. Please suggest any other college i could target.
Focus: Strategy and Business consulting. Am also fine with Technology consulting to begin with but I want t...