Asian Institute of Management (AIM) 2008 discussions GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi all,
I am creating this thread for discussions related to Asian Institute of Management (AIM) 2008.
This discussion board is aimed to cover anything and everything related to AIM, Manila. Starting from the placements, fees, reputation, faculty, GMAT score, AIMT test, recommendation lett...
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Hi, I am applying for AIM 2011 MBA, Please let me know about the status of placements for energy sector professionals...i am working in energy sector for past 3.5 years. so please let me know about the prospects for me after doing MBA from AIM...also please let me know about the general management profiles...

Thanks in advance
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AIMAT would be somewhere in Dec.......I guess in the first half of Dec......
And about notification.....I think now is the time...Aug till mid-Sept
Write to the Mumbai office, and I am sure you will hear from them regarding the same.
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Thx for the reply bro..
Do u have any rough idea when the notifications are usually out ?
and wen's the exam mostly dated?
Hi.....wait for the admission notification.....it would appear in the national news papers.......you would for sure spot it in the Times of India. else, you can visit the institute web-site Asian Institute of Management or else you can write to the Indian office of AIM at aimbom1@gmail.com
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Hi All..
I would like to know about the admision process for 2010 batch..
Also , giving AIMAT is a better option or GMAT ..
Am preparing for CAT actually and heard of AIM ..
It seems definitely a great option ..
Please pour in info on placements guys !!!
When and from where i co...
I am really lost as to what type of topics should i study and what can i expect in the AIM GD.
One more quesiton- Since iam from the marine background can annyone suggest me a trade(General managemment, finance, HR,) that would be most suitable in connection wiith my technnical background.
one of my classmate was a marine engg... he's studyign right now and doing pretty good... as far as i know he wants to major in finance and is pretty near doin that...
i dont know if there is anything specific i can tell u... other than the general gyan.... be urself... be alert... listen and ...
thanks for the info. I am from the marine background, can u pls. suggest what should i study.
in GD mostly u'lll be given a case... a situation ... wiht a small story backin it.. and u'll be aksed to analyse... its pretty simple... mostly it will deal with personality issues or crisis situation...
but u should consider all types of option... while answering... financial... etc. etc.
hey any idea of what type of topics discussed in the GD?
ya...its highly moderated by the instructor (faculty)...he asks u many questions and discus them in detail...
Thanks for the input.
But GD for 2 hours??
Generally in AIM interview, group dynamics plays a very imp role. They will give u a situation and will ask u to discuss in the grp...last yr our grp discussed the topic for arnd 2+ hrs...u will get enuf chance 2 speak...
it is followed by PI...
i believe most of the ppl who r called for in...
i think it comes upto 16L depending upon personal expenses
congrats to all shortlisted smarties.... prepare general at gd/pi... the trend i've seen is... they rotate between stress interview and technical interview... but when i had mine... it was a lot of psychological interview.... on the stress side....
abt GD... it should be a piece of cake for t...
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I guess the total fees would come upto 18 laks
hey got shortlisted too - can anyone suggest how to prepare for the GD.
HI folks.............. gt mail 2day 4m ad-com. got shrtlisted 4 further GD-PI procedure 4 sep'09 intake
who all fellow puys are there??
What is the fees for AIM, Manila this year? I got final admission offer from AIM last year but could not join :(
i blog at PGPM @ SPJIMR
You can apply till March 30th I guess.. Please call up Mr. Damodar. See the link below for his contact details and the detailed application procedure.