Admitted at NYU Stern!! Queries are welcome.. GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi All,

I have been accepted at NYU Stern for Fall 2008 session. Stern was one of dream schools and its really great to be part of its community...

I have been active on PG for a while now and PG has really helped me a lot in many ways. So, i want to give back to this great community by helping more and more people with any queries they might have.

Also, Thanks to Allwyn, Senapati, Keya, SImba who really influenced me a lot and motivated me directly or indirectly to achieve my dreams. Also thanks to nagpalkunal, iday, amitnitsian and inblue for helping in many of my doubts and for being a source of inspiration.

I would prefer to get queries on this forum itself as it will help others also. Also i do not check my PG inbox regularly. For any specific or personal queries ofcourse you guys can mail me.

Also for any genuine doubts, i am ready to share my contact details and we can talk on phone. But only in case of genuine doubts.

So start shooting the questions......
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    Congrats Ankush! Great News
    Kudos Bro on the Admit. As Influenced as you were by PG oldies like Iday and others, so have I been looking for Inspirations. I am looking at NYU Stern for 2009 Admits I work for Oracle in Bangalore and would have 2 yrs and 10 months in ex by July 2009. I have a biiiiiiiig set of questions to you...
    Congrats man!!
    That is a great achievement, you have really made it to a great Bschool.
    I have applied to Stern in R2,please share your profile and application,interview experience.
    Hi Ankush,
    Congr10s on ur admit!!
    BTW how are you going to finance your studies. Have you got any scholarship or are you going take a loan?