660 on GMAT - is it too bad GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Dear all,
I just scored 660 on my GMAT exam. Am too depressed to think abt it. Could you please suggest that i have a shot in any of the good institute.
My educational acads are good along with my extracurricular activities.
I would be very thankful for your response.
Warm Regards, <...
Hi ,
I took GMAT today and got 660 (Q 48 , V 32).
My Profile : 3 years work exp in IT industry
Graduation (Bachelors) : 77% (would rate it around 3.3 GPA out of 4)
Achievements/Extra-Curricular : Average
I would like to apply in Round 1 in most of the BSchools for MBA.
I would l...
Thanks a lot for your encouragement
it is not bad at all - don't let the usual Indian 700 club deflate you..its just an Indian mentality.
yeah if you want to get into top5 schools, a 680 probably will be better..but you are fine with your score as of now as long as you have good acads and essays, recos etc.
Hey ...
Thanks for your reply. We'll my profile is like this..
Btech - from reputed engg college (PEC) - with hons
Mtech - from IIT - > 8 CGPA
Work exp - current - 2.5 yrs
work ex includes quality work with the UN org, strategy work etc.
Extra curricular act - i dont know how to...
Generally speaking, 660 would be on the lower side. You have not mentioned much in detail about your profile and how good/exceptional it is. Some people in this forum have managed to get admit into top schools with sub 700 GMAT scores.
Assuming that you are a usual applicant, I would suggest y...