Byju's Mock CATs 2013 Exam Prep

This thread is for all the regular classroom students and those who have joined their mock series. Lets get together and try to work towards the one aim that we all share.
nikibeck Has Somebody bought Byju Online Test series? Or even reg.... 10 Aug '13.
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Guys anyone who has given exam on 25th ??...Just want to see how he/she felt about the difficulty level...
ZexrO waha bhi koi fayeda nahi hai ...waha speed chahiye hoti h.... 01 Nov '13.
ChinmayaDave main to last year se slow ho gaya hu iss baar :( in eve.... 01 Nov '13.
Can anyone tell me what will be the approx percentile if one exactly reaches the CUT-OFF scores in BYJU's Mock CATs ? I have consistently been scoring well below the cut off scores.
Any idea where can we find the Answer keys for the Byju's Mock NMAT tests ?
Guys any one who has written CAT, pls share ur experiences benchmarking to Byju's Classes standards
nikhil.kulkarni I took my CAT on Nov-1 Evening slot. If I would've attem.... 04 Nov '13.
vishal_anand007 means u r writing again cat next year nikhil hmmm but wat.... 04 Nov '13.
Guys help needed with the caselet 1 in cat pattern workshop 5 .... please help understanding the approach and concept...
PriyankaMitra q1. 27 Oct '13.
nag1005 finance.. only in that segment avg is decreasing twice.. .... 27 Oct '13.
Took CAT today and was completely bowled by it....well this is for BYJU ...sir "We are still below CAT level not above CAT level"
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akashgupta1987 guys, I have been his student last year. You'll find 2-3 .... 30 Oct '13.
ShenoyPavan @garricksaw sorry for late reply man...guess urz is done.... 30 Oct '13.
In a game, 25 boxes are kept and Rs 10000 is kept in one of the boxes and rest all are empty. The person who chooses the box with the money gets the money, otherwise he/she will have to pay Rs 10000 to the game host.Priya, a participant, chose a box but did not open it. Then the host opened 23 bo...
somapurshiva 1/2 ?. 28 Oct '13.
nag1005 0.96.... 28 Oct '13.
Find the highest power of 17 in 1001 x 2001 x 3001 x 1002 x 2002 x 3002 x 1003 x 2003…..1099x 2099 x3099 ??
nikhil.kulkarni Ya. . . It does take less than half the time. .. 25 Oct '13.
adityasrid @nag1005 19 is the Ans na ?? 1099 ! /1000! has highest .... 26 Oct '13.
mock cat-5-- 9th question
Find the highest power of 2 in [(10^30)/(10^10+30)] where [x] is the greatest integer function.
some one plz explain...
Cat pattern 3 Question 13. CAN ANYONE PLEASE EXPLAIN?
PriyankaMitra how many aps can be formed wala..... 24 Oct '13.
garricksaw You have to distribute 999 i.e 3^3 x 37 between first ter.... 24 Oct '13.
LAST mock test I mean mock cat-15.. DI.. 22nd question how did he get the values of 5.26 and 14.28.. Average realization question.. someone plz explain...
anyone taken last mock? kindly reply
nag1005 if u dont mind can u explain me with one value... 25 Oct '13.
PriyankaMitra yes ...see they are asking the realization per cubic metr.... 25 Oct '13.
Has anyone appeared for cat ???.....Can someone tell how was the paper??...just want to know the reaction of byju students as i'm a byju student too....
Can someone plz explain the solution of this question?
Find the number of even factors of 40320 which can be expressed as difference of squares of natural numbers in at least one way?A. 60B. 84C. 24D. 72
rhpendra hi @nag1005 can u plz explain. i reach till 84, after dat. 27 Oct '13.
nag1005 @rhpendra here they asked only even facotors.. evry even.... 27 Oct '13.
Mock 13/14/15 Scores people ?
Byju ka bolna hai, these 3 mocks are closest to what CAT will be.
@Dante_ftw1 @imrover @abhinavrules @nikhil.kulkarni
ChinmayaDave @byjusraveendran Nov 1 morning or afternoon ?. 28 Oct '13.
byjusraveendran afty. 28 Oct '13.
anyone from byju's morning batch 2013 bangalore ??
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    Can anyone please explain the solution for DI (pie chart) about matches played by India in Australia MOCK CAT 2.
    I just went through 1 mock test of byju's. I found it quite different from TIME mocks.In Byju's mock tests I feel all the questions are similar to the questions taught in class. In the actual cat exam will we get questions closer to the ones in Byju's mock test or are they more like TIME or CL?
    arpit9 but now with only 1.5 months for CAT what do you suggest?.... 02 Sep '13.
    Dante_ftw1 i havent given CAT yet...but by seniors experience etc BJ.... 02 Sep '13.
    Please mail me Byju's mock papers .. er.ankit.jindal@gmail.com thanks a ton
    shreya.abc Hey, can you mail me byju's mock papers or any material b.... 08 Sep '13.
    Has Somebody bought Byju Online Test series? Or even regular students. You must have got access to membean (vocabulary software) . Mine has stopped working for free and asks for a paid version for further access. However, while purchasing I thoroughly read the package, it was written that we will...
    Shwetabh89 @nikibeck go directly to membean.com and there login wit.... 11 Aug '13.
    sumitrawal1629 try to enter membean website from byju's portal itself.i .... 14 Aug '13.