Would you mind marrying a non-virgin man or a woman???? Chit-Chat

Virginity is a dying breed and I believe losin it is just another way of exploring ur own self as long as you dont overdo things...as long as you stick to ur core values,i find it ok....I would definitely prefer marrying a non-virgin man....
This thread is meant for a serious discusssion.If it...
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wat will nebody o of a love meter!!!!!!!!!!
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Believe me Guys n Girls.... I totally agree with all of you...
Even I dont bother about the number of times..till the other person is loyal and truly love you..
But then some one said And how do you know that she/he truly loves you!!!! Do we have any love-meter here?
This is the...
Rather than making a mockery of this thread try to analyze that you have not got of like a dixen or neither that much westernized that it didnot even make u a time to think about all that
hope i didn't offend u and please do not load me with counter shi**
Shimble, I'll use the same Love-Meter that you are using to know whether your "Virgin" GF/Wife loves you
After all, what works for you should work for me also na
Dude take a step back and look at the question you've asked. Does any sane person ask these type of questions?? Or are you just...
who the hell has got time or interest in knowing how many times ur partner has made love before to somebodyu else!!!!!!!
grow up generation.........
Well first of all girl will never tell whether she had it 100/1000/10000 times. There is not technique to find the count.So stop thinking about this types of question.
Since u have asked the question i wll replpy to it.I cant generalise it but i would say that at least i dont mind if my wife i...
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this is 21st century ........wheresthe time for all this........
its the era of **** n bye.......well bye!!!!!!!:grab:
Gosh............Rustam...that was Sick......!!!!wish the discussion doesnt start a debate on the Capacity of having s**........
And how do you know that she/he truly loves you!!!! Do we have any love-meter here?
Puys, you got to answer this.....
How about a 1000??
Dont you get it?? I dont care if its once, a 100 times or a thousand!! its irrelevant! Virginity is a concept handed down to us by our fore-fathers by their fore-fathers and so on and so backwards
When you truly love her, and she truly loves you nothin and i mean Nothin ...
OK.. Many pople wrote that they have no problem in marrying a non virgin untill she is loyal to them..
Ok, Everyone knows that the average marraige is rissing..then would you mind marrying some one who had *** more than 100 times before marrying "YOU"..
Last ones Azzem-o-shaan !!!!! ;-)...................Fighting for peace is likehaving sex for virginity......................too good!!!
on the lighter side..........
I always thought of losing my virginity as a career move.
An isolated outbreak of virginity
is a rash on the face of society.
It arouses only pity from the married,
and embarrassment from the single.
Charlotte Bingham
It is one of the super...
well , Marrying A Non- Virgin Is Not The Question. Ofcourse I Would Never Mind To Interfere In My Partner's Past. Partner Should Be Honest In The Future N I Think Dats More Than Enough.
I believe, the ' new person - virgin again ' theory applies here...........
I had a strange dream last night.
I was at the himalayas, in search of enlightenment and I met this Great Rishi-cum-Yogi-cum-Baba-cum-Guru.
I said to him, "Oh Great one.........can you give me a solution to th...
Okies Umesh!!!!
Thankooo hai!
And I apologize that I thought otherwise wrt to your post. Sowwy hai!!