women are better managers than men Chit-Chat

hi friends1 what r ur views on this topic"women are better managers than men"do reply.
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Unanswerable question, but i dont think so that any general thought can b developed abt whose better manager and whos not, coz its inherent or a personal charateristic or a developed on so i personally feel tat this question has no general answer but one thing i wud like to say that looking to bo...
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before furthur posting a counter argument dude..kindly elaborate on what u said and why u said so..??i mean:
1. why do u think we dont need ne managers..??
2. what role can values play in an organization where n number of workers are involved and all the work has to be organised,delegated,c...
This argument is based on an assumption that no. of women working in these organiazations and qualified to be CEOs and COOs are equal to the number of men.
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i dunno much about civil...
but yeah women do pretty well in army
if they no what they r supposed to do n wht they r not
maybe because there soft corner comes into play in decision making more than d good old fat major.....
newayz...all this is off the record
b4 someone quotes me.....
As u said to mention few.....There are very few women managers who have made it big ....Havent seen a women manager who can give Bill Gates/Narayan Murthy/Steve Job a tough fight!!!
On a serious note: Its more about the quality than the sex!!
ok ok ok!
chalo ladkon...man lo yaar ki ladkiyan zyada acchhi (manager) hoti hain ;-)
Ladkiyon! Are you happy now?
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"women are better managers than men" If that is the case then why we don't see much more women CEO's, COO's in this world which gives such opportunities only to the deserving (based on merit & performance) irrespective of cast/Sex.
Yes, I agree women r better managers than men, but they r always inspired by men.theupperhand held by women is goodlooks & good communication skills.May be they r more determined then men. Too mention few some good women managers r kiran Mazumdhar of biocon, chanda kochar of ICCI . stilllll lot m...
Why in this world we need Managers? first of all we need to manage ourselves with good values, then try to manage others. other wise this stuff only certificates and some pride with money! that is all. this MBA makes more women ruined.
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The ratio of the two sexes becoming managers is rather suggestive, isn't it? But yes, it does depend on the individual. Can't possibly pass a general verdict on that. It could also depend on the type of work, the organisation, the kind of people you're working with, etc...
I agree completely with Gaurav.For an efficient manager , skill should be the top priority and not the sex, caste, nationality!!
@Swee...If that is the case why arent there enough number of women as managers!!
Bottomline is: its the the skills which matters!!
I agree wid u
I don't think mgmt depends on the sex of a person.... It is related to skills which can be good in women as in men... Hence , i go against the topic.
Mgmt ~ Skills and not sex!
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Ma'am .. why dont u kick start the discussion ! Others can pour in their thoughts accordingly.
hey..lets aim for a serious discussion....let it not be likepagal girls say women r better...guys say....men are better
for sure women are better managers than men as she plays so many roles in life.she is a homemaker ,careerwomen anything u say she is there.women power rules
u wish to start a debate / gd .
will contribute to this later but acc to my experience women are not better managers than men.