Will the Pagal go Political? - Be an Authority on your National Insanity. Chit-Chat

This thread is just a feeler being put out to gauge the kind of stands the numerous people here on PG have as far as politics and the general social climate goes.
If you do take the trouble to answer this little questionnaire below sincerely, we'll be in a better position to ascertain whether ...
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Hi ,
this seems hugely outta topic (thread)...just wondering if still dere is still a Protest @ IIMs thread alive...ccoud'nt find ne...

Is the protest on or has it met its fate.....?
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@ Neo ... no, this fizzled out quite some time back.
Been 4 years since this thread was started...any progress so far?
*not trying to sound sarcastic/sardonic*
politics in India has its own quirks like there was this anti-sivaji site on Orkut , there a huge furor in mumbai and the mumbai police got the IP adresses of the community owners aand members and arrested them, there is an absolute lack of free speech in our country , the government can ban anyt...
its gr8 thread bt again questions arise of what to do?
it is truly said "small deed is much greater than tons of noblest
now if we want to make a change what can we do?
here r something dat even personaly i m tryin...
Raghav... just turn what you said on its head and you will get a clear insight into where people's priorities truly lie.
Whats ironic is the fact that this thread has gone for 13 pages about the benefits of voting but the very same did not exercise thier vote in the pg award thead ..just 'blocked ' it ? -.-
As posted by Nikhil aka Nikhilkulk on AugustFury:
The anti-reservation protests continue in Pune, after the success of the rally held on Sunday 14th May
The schedule for the rallies this sunday is as follows. There will be two routes for the rallies as follows:
1. Beginning at SNDT Col...
Jo, will search for the relevant news coverage on TV right away. Thanks for the directions to your post.
Heya Amar:)
Great to have some veterans back here.
Mumbai had some protests on 2nd May. If you want to get in touch with them this site might be useful.
The following is the original YFE blog for those interested.
Hi all,
Sorry for the long silence from my end.
Thanks for the info, Jo and for the interview with Ipsita. Will surely watch the news coverage in the evenings.
And i suppose there was protest in my hometown pune too. Shall seek the details.
Please do let me know if there is any s...
Hrmm how I hoped that it was a server overload problem, but apparently it isn't.
Chalo 12 hours of praying that when the servers are up AF, is still the AF we knew and loved :(
No updates on Delhi, our lady is too busy to talk for more than a minute on the phone.
Alrite,for once, the culmination justifies the hype. And the students in delhi are voting with their feet,no less. One only hopes that the IIT's and the IIM's come out clean on it so that the message of the collective consciousness of the student community is loud and clear.
P.S : Yea, Augustf...
Ranjitha, its big time on the TV now. Whatever I could catch in the lunchbreak as follows.
Times Now seems to be giving it more air-time than NDTV and CNN-IBN.
The students are marching on to the Parliament. Last I saw them they were barricading roads near India Gate and running towards R...
Hmm, none of the channels are running this story as important yet, just a small mention so far. NDTV's reporter says the protests have gone out of control in some parts. Some protesters have been stopped, watergassed. Traffic jams in CP, and protesters on the side of the India gate are being tear...
Cool post dude!!
Its 12:11 PM on my office computer right now.
I talked to the concerned member of YFE, just 15 minutes back, the assembly polls were over and done with yesterday and Arjun Singh has still remained silent.
The situation in the morning was a congregation of 1,000 medical students with more ex...
I support reservation cos:
It satiates my 'EGO'.
It is an 'UNDECLARED Proof' of my 'BRILLIANCE'.
It helps me 'PRESERVE' my 'HERITAGE'.
It gives me a reason to 'LOOK DOWN' upon others.
It unduly tags me as a more 'GIFTED' child of God.
It reaffirms my belief in 'REVENGE'."Do unto...
Wow, great stuff there. Good to see so many proactive students in the country, with media now joining the students in protests the government cannot afford to ignore the opposition. Hopefully, the government will not go ahead with this stupid decision.
Great going YFE and August Fury.