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Once there was loving couple travelling in a bus in a mountainous
They asked the conductor to stop the bus, when they reached the top.
After the couple got down the bus moved on. As the bus moved on, a huge rock fell on the bus from the mountain and crushed the bus to crumbs. Ev...
Once my Desktop is back in running condition.
true..when's that happening btw?
No as i already have one mystery to reveal.
was it unlucky before, Iceman? *LOL*
Well this one is not mine luckily!!!!
*sigh* another mystery...:)
But hew'll be back soon then let's see what happens.
ah...alright. now that's better..
poor kungfu..he ain't even around, and we all pestering around..lol
Correction ...The females.
LOL.That was good.
oh THE female? which female?
i thought it was more like "AISHyomaNACH" instead of just "AISHYOMANIA"
SOME FEMALES???????????????????????????
More like from "THE female" :)
hm..i said everyone..u mentioned khufu4u ..
ya i remember..it didn't work though..he just got some attention from some females around the forum *LOL*
You mentioned that Aishya not me. :)
Remember -- "Aishyomania" ?
oh is that so? what is going on with this aishya spree by the way? and what's this about khufu4u getting a breakdown?
Khufu4u surely will. We may have another of those "Aishya" sprees :D
you make it sound so much fun nachal :)
so everyone is basically watching the forum being taken over by me..and Iceman, of course.. oh that's news to me :wink:
just refresh, and lo...
By the way want more of what donnie?? u want me to bug u even more than i'm doing now. Just say the word and it shall happen.
Any time yaar.
LOL Sweet one !
hehe ya ya...will post more ...want more?? ;)