Some Books I have Read & Would Recommend Chit-Chat

Hi All [smiley]
A bunch of books on management & related stuff.
1) Tom Peters - Circle of Innovation
2) Maverick - Ricardo Semler
3) Managing Radical Change - Sumantra Ghoshal
4) Every Business is a growth business - Ram Charan
5) Getting to Yes - William Ury
6) Getting pas...
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Another treat for all the book lovers
Completed a beautiful book by Italo Calvino 'If On a Winters Night a Traveller'
A very fresh narrative style and a beautiful story.
Check my full review here
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bonjour puys!!!
finished with a petite book named animal farm by george orwell!!...superb satire on corrupting influence of power!!!..must read for all,i wud say!!!!..all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others...loved this line:)
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@bharat wadhwa
hundred years of solitude....classic piece of work yaar by gabriel garcia!!!!!....flawless description of buendias family...
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There you go buddy
More music ~ More reading
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Hiii puys
I want to read a book which would cover the economics and other related part which would come in my MBA nicely. I am from the engineering background and an avid reader of non fiction though my favourite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude.
i meant " is there any similar thread for music??"
Two book i will suggest to read everyone, both are from same author Michael lewis.
Liar's poker - an account of his stay @ Solomon brothers, tells a story of how things work at Wall Street.
Big Short - much on technical side means contain a lot of detail of how bonds work. spread light on t...
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its really gud 2 see people imparting so much imp. to reading in today's social-media-driven environment.....reading regularly is indeed one of the most imp. yet easiest way to improve your VA.......another way to improve ur sense of english usage is to listen to english music.......i know many p...
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I was looking for some historical architectural work on IIM-A, but there's no dedicated book on the subject. Found a magazine though. Shows IIM-A in stages of construction, a short write-up/note & the architect Louis I. Kahn's blueprint for the institute. Out of print/rare. Bilingual: English/Jap...
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Read Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf....Must say the keen observations and impeccable reasoning behind his thoughts are bound to leave even the worst of the critics in two minds. A must read for everyone.
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I have read it too! Really inspiring :)
I would like to recommend "The Difficulty of Being Good" by Gurcharan Das.
In this book the concept of Dharma is explained using various happenings from the Mahabharata and historical examples. It shows the reader how one can lead a moral life even in...
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I have a Dream By Rashmi Bansal, A book that contains inspiring stories of 20 Social entrepreneurs.
Nice book to dwell inside the life of people who changed the social mechanism of our country.
Must read.
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This has to be about the greatest Amazon review ever. It is a simple and moving account of how the book The Secret has the power to transform lives and peoples reality.
SImply inspirational.
Here it is in full.
The Secret saved my life!, December 4, 2007
By Ari Brouillette
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"The secret" is an excellent book...
the book tells you that if u want to achieve something then u should imagine that you have already achieved that destination and start behaving like this thing is part of your life....then universe will conspire to help you for achieving your dream..(alchem...
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Guys, how is the book "The Secret" ??
Reading alchemist once again...
loving it..:grin:
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done with kashmir the untold story ....
i wont call it a must read coz it can act as eye opener for some and disturbing fr others ...
for me it ws an interesting one ...as i started reading with unbiased mind ..//
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Today, i finally picked out ravinder singh's "I too had a love story" from the shelf. Reading it at one go,i felt it's an amazing love story between two strangers who fell in love first(thanks to cellphns and internet), before their eyes actually met (in real, of course they had photographs).. Th...
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Hello puys. I bought this coffee table book today:
The Automobiles Of The Maharajas, Sharada Dwivedi Books, Buy Books Online- Infibeam.com
A pictorial description of the cars of India's royalty.
Indian Royalty, Maharajas and more........: The Fabulous Cars of the Holkars of Indore
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No I don't have a pdf of the book. But this book is pretty useful so you buy it as an investment.
It's available for just 90 bucks
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