Seeking help from Ahmedabad guys Chit-Chat

Hi guys
Will need help from guys who are from Ahd. My IIMA think is on this sunday 0900 hrs. I am leaving from mumbai on 26th night so will reach Ahd on 27th morning and leave again from Ahd on 28th night. Now I hv never been to Ahd.
I will really appreciate if someone cud provide me with i...
hi gaurav
i'm from a'bad

well, IIMA is pretty much in the city & not far away.
it isn't far away from Gujarat University.

u can take an auto rickshaw from Station(Kalupur) for Vastrapur or Gujarat University for that matter, & then ask for IIM.

& frankly I'm not sure about a decent hotel near IIM. so may be u'll have to stay slightly away.

anyways, u can get back to me for any more doubts or any other help u need.

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Although I am from Baroda, I can suggest u the following . There is one hotel called Apex International at Paldi ( landmark -near Kothawala flats) quite decent and max Rs 400/-( non ac room) Tel no is 079-6577278 call them up and reserve yr room. get down on Ahd railway station tell him the addre...