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Well there were reality Tv shows, games, dares etc, so why not case studies:)
Okay agreed that most of case studies we go thu are 'reality' ones only, so lets discuss them.
We will take example of a problem in some company and then discuss how the problem should be solved or what are the r...
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I have a case study in economics which I am not able to get answer . Any help will be really appreciated from you guys !!! Please please do suggest something or some material !

Read the following case study and answer the questions with respect to Indian Economy.
The public sector Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), a major oil refining and marketing company which was also the canalizing agency for oil imports and one of the very few Indian companies in the Fortune 500, in terms of sales, planned to make a foray in to the foreign market by acquiring a substantial stake in the Balal Oil field in Iran of the Premier Oil. The project was estimated to have recoverable oil reserves of about 11 million tonnes and IOC was supposed to get nearly 4 million tonnes.

When IOC started talking to the Iranian company to the acquisition in October 1998, oil prices were at rock bottom ($11 per barrel) and most refining companies were closing shop due to falling margins. Indeed, a number of good oil properties in the Middle East were for sale. Using this opportunity, many developing countries "made killing by acquiring oil equities abroad."

IOC needed the government permission to invest abroad. Application by the Indian company for investing abroad is to be scrutinised by the special committee represented by the RBI and the finance and commerce ministries. By the time the government gave the clearance for the acquisition in December 1999 (i.e. more than a yearafter an application was made), the prices had bounced back to $24 per barrel. And Elf of France had virtually taken away the deal from under IOC's nose by acquiring the Premier Oil.

The RBI, which gave IOC the approval for $15 million investment took more than a year for clearing the deal because the structure for such investments were not in place, it was reported.

A. Discuss the economic and non-economic environmental factors influencing the business revealed by this case study.
B What are the lessons from the case study? Do you think there has been a change in the business environment in India in the recent years?
Q.2 Discuss the nature of Balance of Payments crisis faced by the Indian economy during 1990s. How did India overcome this crisis?
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Nice post Jas
Let me Google some and then reply
Cereal bars have become a common replacement for breakfast in the west. This case study is about Company A which launched its cereal bar in late 90s and soon went to gain almost half of total market share within just two years. The brand awareness is high and Company A itself has a strong brand v...
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Plan? I guess there is only one plan - earn more moolah!!
Er... were u asking for biz plan? in that case there is none, u think they can think that ?
Ah i read it after almost an year! it should come in few days...
i am still a engg student so
am asking questions out of curiosity
out of all the cricket boards in the world
the most wealthiest is the BCCI of course
but really very ineterstd to know what kind of plan do they have in amassing such income?????????
this is out of curiosity
what has been the success or rather the strategy of the indian railways as they are one of the few who are running on profit........ thanks to our railway minister
this comes at a time when many european railway companies are not doing that good
or is it the fa...
why is the toyota case study considered important
can anybody give me more info on this
was it that they beat the americans at their own market at the time where no body dared to enter their market
or was it the pricing brilliance which boosted toyota ahead of the other automakers
Found this thread, and started reading from scratch... Got really excited with this case study, albeit was posted in 2006... but i think its still relevant...
Here goes my analysis...
Reasons for less popularity for this thread :
1) Visibility : We have a gr8 concept at hand. Everybody w...
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Wow! A great thread here..
Many from FMS and MDI too here
Now I have to sit through this today!
Meanwhile, a small query to my seniors...
FMS and MDI have case studies in their selection process?
Lol... I thought most of the questions you asked were to provoke us to think and not necessarily answer them... read you blog... seems that some of what I had penned match with your thoughts...
When is the next one coming?
hey puys
i hope i am posting in the right thread....i just wanted to ask are icfai case studies good and used across all premire institutes in india....and is icfai one of the largest case studies writer in india...thanx
GE is known for pursuing only those businesses where it is among the top few in the world. Otherwise it exits the business asap.
I think, irrespective of the size of the company,it is its ability in adopting to change that creates the difference. A greater size allows economies of scale and a ...
I have never understood it; when am regular to thread there is no activity. The moment i go off, people post asking for activity !
Wow, after mufasa's reply, the replies just getting more and more critic for Motorola! I don't think many of you like it ; but ya, i would like to know how many of you are actually using a Motorola!
I wont be that harsh on Moto. I would like to point it out that some of you here had mixed the...
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First things first - Motorola knew it was nowhere close to the leader Nokia - hence it was clear cut product differentiation strategy to be adopted AND compete to be the 2nd in the market
First the compeititor analysis
Samsung - amazing features and amazing range - but lacking clear cut bra...
Current Problems :
1) Motorola does not have a brand image in the market.
2) They don't have products that would appeal to specific segment of market.
3) Motorola's low end products are very pathetic. They can't compete with any of the other player's product.
4) They are losing on th...
My thoughts:
As a brand manager, i would be worried that Motorola as a brand is almost non-existent in a lot of consumers minds. Atleast in my mind.
Being a brand manager, i wud focus first on getting the brand right. What does it stand for?
Reliability or style?
The moto-rokr ad camp...
Doesnt get more current than this... should be a great discussion...
Moi 2 cents:
The problem with Motorola goes deeper than the branding issue. Sure the brand does not still create a unique identity. But then a more serious issue is with the kind of product innovation that goes on at Motor...
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kya thread hai bahi. hats off to pg. everday i come across something new. and i have already been here for like a year. wow puys, you people are something.
Oh, dint know ppl still bump into this thread :)
With almost an year in post MBA corporate life, here is a garma garam fast case:
Motorola !!
The company had all it could ask for a decade back. Strong reaping on innovation and technology front, best employer reputation and best ...
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