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hey guys anybody here .....quiz freaks , like to read works of hailey,grisham,toffler.....come less jig it out
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absoluly correct !!
and yes master he worked with the KGB too!
Russian Prez Putin :)
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Vladimir Putin.
Did you know that he also worked for KGB during the Cold War days and was accused of spying during the Reagan Administration?
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here is the next one:
Born to parents who survived the siege of Leningrad,he learnt the Russian martial art Sambo and then later switched to the Olympic sport of Judo. he has achieved the rank of the 6th dan (red/white belt) and is the co-author along with Vasily Shestakov and Alexei ...
Debashish Sarkar! Hmm, you don't happen to be the RED LOVING SPT FIRST BATCH lad about whom Pandey, Yadav, and Anoon keep telling me about, are you??
Sorry folks.Got the wrong name. it is Bill Wright and not Henry
Well the next one... Here it comes:
This British television show devised by Bill Henry drew inspiration from his experiences of being interrogated by the Gestapo during WW II. identify the TV show?
Well dost they are the Six Mumbai LS constituencies.
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Well Mumbai is correct but what list about Mumbai?
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London nahi deba MUMBAI , i should have guessed! :sneaky:
My Bad!
@ master: the same applies...!
@ Neil Da: one last try?? you can follow datta123's approach.. will be even closer..!
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Thought Army Commands, but realised that won't be the answer, as the six Army Commands are differently named, leave alone being the wrong number of letters.
Or is it the 3G spectrum divisions are you talking about.
RAILWAYS - Not a 6 letter word, but just trying my luck out here.
If we add six letter proper noun to the following six terms, what exhaustive list do you get?
North East
North West
South Central
North central
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That was a good one.
It'd have been easier if the meter rate was also used. In Mumbai, the analog counter meters are still used, and the rate is 14x-3, as the 1.00 on the meter roughly corresponds to either 1 Mile or 2KM.
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