PoH Season III Chit-Chat

For quiet sometime now I have been sunk deep in work yet the thought of starting another season has been with me always.
This thread has undoubtedly given me moments of introspection, silent tears, whimsical joys and more over a friend indeed.
Lets tonight sit back and think on how the Pas...
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Question for 25th July 2011.....
I guess all of us out here grew up in the 1990s......things have changed a lot in the past decade or so........studies have gained much more importance......Maruti 800 and Ambassadors have been replaced by numerous other cars.....technology has affected almost ...
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I hope the question have been memorable days of your life...:w00t::w00t::w00t:
Anyways I listed only few of them now,since I couldn't sequence my list..Here are some of them
My engineering graduation day
When I met with an accident with a big wound on my right leg(14th April 2005)
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Definitely the day I was born..one can forget all the dates but not his/her birthday..And I am all what I am because of that day only :p..It gave me the opportunity to see and feel this beautiful and cruel world..
description of day--Well to be very frank, I don't remember much about that day
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# When my cute little sister was born
# When I got my first scholarship in school
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mine was when I got my job
Had a cgpa of only 5.96
So was up drinking all night as it was my birthday and in grief of seeing another company go by..
Next day the company came and said "all those hopeful of getting 6 cgpa by the end of this sem may also sit"
was woken up by friends wh...
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when she told me..............:w00t:
common u know what
P.S-i m back :
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1) India winning T20 world cup and a 50-50 world cup
2) When my girlfriend said 'yes' when I proposed her
3) My parents silver jubilee...had a blast that day:p:p:p
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When I got into MICA!!!!!
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There are some incidents which will always be the most memorable ones.I would share them in the order of their occurrence:p.
1)The day I topped my school Xth exams- Since class 9th,a teacher of mine had a grudge against me.He hated me like anything(as I had complained against him to the princi...
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Quite a few.....
The day I got together with someone special......in fact the entire period...the first few days......
(P.S. This doesn't mean the days after that have not been memorable.... )
The day my brother was born....not my own brother.....my cousin...7 years younger to me.....I ...
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It has to be 2nd april 2011,when msd hit that 6"india winning the world cup msd lifting it and srt did have it's one wish fulfilled,tears fell in my eyes"!!as in 1996,when we lost that semi-finals match at kolkata and in 2007 in wi both to sl and this was the sweetest revenge of all of them!!!!...
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itna sannata kyun haii bhai logon ..
AAj KA Sawaal
24 july 2011
"The most memorable day of your life till now"
bhai log/bahiyon ki didi log please badhiya se incidents share karna .. Not like when you cleared xyz exam etc (just saying, if clearing an exam was the most memorable .. ...
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Eh my last birthday I went mini-golfing and bowling with my friends. I guess that was pretty awesome.
And in the night :drinking::drinking::drinking:.....It was just superb
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The most memorable one in the last b'day which was on 2nd of this month...
And this year I decided to remove the b'day from FB to check out who really remembers my b'day and the outcome of it was unexpected calls from some friends whom I thought they ll not call me...
I spent the day wit...
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Of course the 18th one! :
Officially became an adult
Able to drive
Able to vote :-P
And 1st Bday in Grad college, so had lots of ASH
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I have 2 MAJOR phobias
1)Cockroach-o-phobia.....cockroach is one creature which i am afraid of since childhood...there is no particular reason...i am afraid of cockroaches (big and small) specially flying ones scare the hell out of me.....i am afraid of similar looking insects as well...that i...
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i would have been a singer;)..i like singing a lot
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Best Budday
last year before leaving college I guess ..
zyaada kuch to nhii hai Bataane ko
bas raat bhar
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Bachpan k birthday celebration yaad nahi aur jawani k birthday celebration kuch khaas nahi
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