PoH Season III Chit-Chat

For quiet sometime now I have been sunk deep in work yet the thought of starting another season has been with me always.
This thread has undoubtedly given me moments of introspection, silent tears, whimsical joys and more over a friend indeed.
Lets tonight sit back and think on how the Pas...
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I reckon we need a break.
Thread closed for 2 days.
No alternate threads shall be tolerated.
Please refrain from such conversations at PG. We respect all converts the same way.
Added Later: This time shall be taken to streamline the thread either in form of a new thread or guidelines...
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1) No.
Actually, I have never given a thought to it. But if I give it a thought, I realize that it cannot be decided like that. The way your life progresses would have been much different if you had been the opposite gender.
But, as of now, I am quite satisfied.
2) No.
What would my...
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Despite all the 'ladies quotas' and 'women's right's movements' and laws for protection of women, and the IIMs 'gender diversity criteria' and despite aaallll the perks women enjoy in today's civilized society.....
i would have to say NO
i'm happy being a Man have always been and will al...
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1.Have you ever felt that life would have been better if you were born of the opposite gender?
if yes why?:biggrin:
if no why?
2 Given a chance to swap gender...without making it odd..ie if u r a guy by swapping u would become a girl and your world changes...ie e...
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More often than needed, I've had my confrontations with the police. Many police stations in Mumbai, Pune & its surrounding areas have my name on top of the statements recorded in their zones. However, wherever I've had my confrontations, I typically end up knowing the seniormost officer a...
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nice Q again well I am Xavirean by birth means when i was born then i was blessed by devout Father(principal of St.Xavier convent used to live beside our house) your child has bright future in this School God will endeavor him success but has to be wary of his naughtiness well every kid tries to...
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Please refrain from such comments.
We, on the forum discourage discrimination and personal attacks based on reservation/caste/categories.
PS: Whether intentional or unintentional, sometimes we need to take care that our posts hurt no one because we are not actually meeting and saying rather...
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Bhai mujhe ek Dailogue yaad aa gyaa
"Jab log tumhare khilaaf bol rahe ho samjho tarakki kar rahe ho" !
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posting here after ages
Met Mr. Akhil Tiwari at jaipur recently. He's the most humble person ive ever met :sallute: very elegant, very helpful and very exciting.. i was actually tired coz hadn't slept for 36 hours, but as soon as i met him all the tiredness was gone. We talked about everythin...
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hey dude i too expect a great family reunion there with all puys expressing their happiness to see each other.P.S- wise man saying : go for it only when the feeling from inside tells you to go for a kill nothing less than that!!!
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Life is not fair and never will be Sourav.
But instead of putting some one down,try harder next time.
All the very best!
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you are now wise ...
and hence can convert A B C next year :biggrin:
congrats roby !! you're already sending chills down people's spines :D
ATB !!!
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Here we don't get calls in 99 from any IIMS
and he converts A B C with 90
Life is not fair
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No one
would like to meet:
Everyone on PG:)
i wud like to list few names
rahicream (plz aap mere posts thank karte raho...kya pata aapke paas sach me Midas touch hai:biggrin::biggrin:.....i get positive vibes whn i read your posts)
Akhiltiwari : again i feel he has a unique...
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Nothg is impossible...All the best for your studies and career ,and I wish from the deepest of my heart that u get married to her with everyone's blessings .
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I have done it.. I'm heading off to WIMWI aka IIM-Ahmedabad !!!!
PS: and Somehow I'm back with her for now..
(Sorry for the off topic post, but I'm sure everyone can understand my state of mind right now) :biggrin:
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I have met a LOT of people.
If i start counting them and writing about them, I shall spend half a day atleast :p
Anyway, everyone I have come across, has affected my life in someway or the other. There was a learning experience in every meet/APIGM.
Thank you for the fabulous association....
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Haven't meet many puys yet. I have met only
Gudakesh: He is one of my closest friends now.
Himspuy: What to say about him, a great guy.
Anwesa: Full of talent and a very nice girl.
Tamal: Very friendly guy and intelligent person. Hope you get your dream converts.
And 4 other puys i...
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I had to take the signature of a senior police official on my passport application....
One of my worst experiences with any government agency....
Firstly they are supposed to take a short interview, very standard questions......and this constable (whose mouth and lips were red with paan, bu...
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